Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

After yesterday's post, I did think about the popular trend of TBT.  When my dad turned 60 we compiled a commemorative DVD of his life and I scanned the majority of the photos onto my computer.  I had this handy dandy scanner which is now in the home of Sara Jo.  Moving always motivates me to give my stuff away.  I try to travel with the least amount of things.  Always, I have photo albums, books, clothes, some artwork and that is about it.  Every other thing in my life is either given to friends or good will.
I digress.  I was considering a TBT photo and found this little gem in my scan album.  Me, my sisters and grandmother.  1995.  Graduating and about to depart for a life unknown.  Delightful.
I am nostalgic for the freedom of being 18 with a full life ahead of me.  Starting over, beginning again with a clean slate of possibility.  Yes, that is a freeing, lovely experience.
I think of my sisters and how we all have chosen different paths.  Marriage, children, relocation, job change...of course we can still understand each other in ways in which other people will not.  Gotta love childhood to enable that.
I remember thinking I would conquer the world when I was 18.  In some ways, I have, in my own way.  Similarly, my sisters have achieved much success in their own way.
This photo illustrates how free I felt to be embarking on my adult adventure.  Happy days are ahead....

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