Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friends, dining, memories

Typical day, for me, lately, involves coffee, yoga, wine (not every day but most days) and meeting friends.  Since it's March, a bunch of my friends from Denver have been visiting to attend Spring Training games.  I am grateful to see them and show them my idea of Phoenix.  Yesterday, I took the lightrail downtown.  Excellent way to get around the Central Corridor.  I wish it included other areas of the city.  I listened to my ipod and zoned out.  It was lovely.
Began my catching up venture at a new wine bar.  It's gorgeous inside, casual, approachable and diverse.  The owner changes the list and keeps it fresh.  It's a little small and so we left as it began to fill up.  Next we hit the asian fusion place next door.  I have been there a few times and I want it to be a success.  There is just something that isn't executed--start to finish.  It feels forced.  I don't know.  We sampled shisito peppers, pork pancakes and octopus.  Of the three the octopus shined.  Delicious broth and well prepared.  The peppers should have been cooked longer and the pancakes were lacking flavor in my opinion.  We finished our culinary journey around Phoenix in Tempe.  Checked out a well established place and I am glad that I thought of it when planning this trip.  In the past, Tiffany, Dan and I have spent some time in Arcadia and Phoenix.  Last year the parlor wowed them and their additional friends.  I considered checking out a few other spots in Scottsdale this year but, not going to lie, if we returned to Tempe, I knew that I would get a ride home.  Lame, but true.
And the food was delicious.  Mussels, short ribs and a frisee salad enchanted us.  Furthermore the outdoor bar is beautiful and enhances the experience.  It was a memorable evening for sure.  Since it's Tiffany and Dan, they insist on paying for the tab.  It's almost impossible to take this from them.  I only agreed to letting Tiffany pay for the last tab if they met me for dinner on Monday.  There are a few other spots that I would like to show them before they return to Denver.  They might stop and stay in Santa Fe on their way back.  I had to put in my two cents on the dining scene there since I just spent four days in that lovely city.
On Thursday, I couldn't figure out whose birthday it was.  All day it plagued me....why do I remember this day vividly?  I couldn't place the birthday.  All I knew was that there was a reason that I remember March 6th.  Dining with Tiffany and Dan associated what the 6th represented.  Two brothers lost their mom on March 6th, 9 years ago.  Of course I remember and know how difficult it is to approach that day.  Similarly the 28th of February has a mix of emotions for me, annually.  I try to make it positive and celebrate Brian's life.  There is still so many feelings of loss, sadness, melancholy.
Today is a new day.  I have ample work and wine talk.  It will be great.  I think I will begin it right by finding a breakfast burrito.  If only I could find a Posas in Phoenix.  Great spot in Santa Fe with my favorite (currently) breakfast burrito.  Green chile, egg, bacon, potato--yummy!

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