Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plans of Tuesday & other current thoughts....

Hello, Tuesday...what does this day bring?  Facial, yoga and work.   I might go shopping.  There are a few birthdays, upcoming, this month.  I could be proactive instead of reactive.  The other night, for example, worked out with the baby shower but that was a fluke.  Who knew that owner of the shop would remember me from my job?  I guess it is good that I ask people where they are from and see how we have similarities.  This woman, for example, had been to Lawrence and her dining companion's sister was a professor at KU in the history department.  Talk about coincidence.  Then, when I asked her what she would recommend for a gift since she was going out of business which was not advertised, she found a couple of things for me to bring to the shower.  It was great.  
It could be a continuation of serendipity (how I ended up here)  or perhaps I am being embraced by SF.  Actually, i feel that that is the case. I have heard it  (from multiple people) that Santa Fe either embraces you or spits you out and that you know if (fairly quickly) into your relocation.  
Yes, my car broke down last week which sucked.  I called my insurance and patiently waited to get towed.  Eventually, I realized that this was not going to happen.  I would have to leave my car on 1-25 for the night.  It would not be an option to have it towed as no tow company wanted to pick me up from where I was located.  It felt like being in a dead zone.  Too far from ABQ service area and since I live in Manana land, well, that pretty much sums up the lack of help I received at 11:30 at night.  Thankfully, my co-workers bailed me out and returned me to Veronica the following day.  I was able to arrange a tow (easily) and get it in to see the latest mechanic.  I was fine.  Car was safe, unscathed and it was a minor setback.  
I did feel supported being here in spite of having difficulty in arranging the tow late at night. I suppose it is a difference (huge) from living in a metropolis to relocating to a small city.  I mean, not bragging, but I managed to have my car towed from the 202, at 2:30 in the morning, easily.  I did convince a co-worker to accompany me that night to Mesa. Grateful to Stu for driving me back to my house at 3:45.  Somehow the tow company forgot to mention that I would have to accompany my car to the mechanic's drop that morning.
At any rate, today, I will be taking care of myself and then working.  I continue to meet new people and cultivate friendships.  My yoga girl and I met for coffee yesterday.  I wanted to see where she felt I could be certified in the area.  I do not plan on doing teacher training where I am currently practicing.  I attended a class by a recent graduate of their school and was disappointed.  I felt the class was misrepresented.  Typically, it is a moderate power flow sequence and that day, the class was basic, super novice.  I did say something to the studio when I left.  I couldn't help myself.  I take time out of my day and spend money at their studio. I do expect a certain level of service as my time is money.  I believe this is a belief that many people share in aspects of daily lives--dining out, pedicures, any sort of customer service.  However instead of complaining about it on-line, I did talk about it and let them know that the class was a disappointment.  
I think I found my new facial girl in SF. This lady was fantastic.  She explained what she was doing prior to doing it.  She did some extractions (yes, I needed those attended to, too) and gave me some great sunblock.  I left her space feeling fantastic.  I must get on a routine of having this service performed.  
I have a few more things to attend to before heading into work.  It is a lovely day.

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