Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the last few weeks

In the last few weeks, I have worked, planned a trip the Bahamas, done yoga and went to the Opera.  Amazing experience.  Randomly, I waited on these two young girls and they worked for the box office.  I found this out from our conversation.  At which point, I mentioned that I had not been to the opera, ever.  These kind ladies offered me two tickets to the Friday night performance.  As I was not scheduled to work, I jumped at the opportunity.  And it did not disappoint.
My friend, Erica, and I met at work and had a quick glass of wine pre-performance.  It seemed like a smart place to meet.  Ample parking, central location and wine.  I think we were there for about a half hour as Erica was delayed by traffic.  I had brought a bag of goodies to tail gate once we arrived at the Opera.  Wine, hummus, cheese, bread and chocolate.  I even managed to bring real wine glasses for the occasion.  I felt pretty good about that as opposed to bringing plastic red cups.
The performance was a little over two hours.  Honestly, I don't know if I would have been able to sit much longer.  I despise just sitting in one place for long periods of time.  I digress.  The Opera was fantastic.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended.  Perhaps, next year, I will make an effort to attend more than one opera.
Yoga continues to frustrate and entice me.  In the last few weeks, I have been able to express some of my frustrations to a few of the instructors.  In that regard, the situation, has improved as they have went out of their way to have a more challenging sequence.  If only the music would improve.  That would be something!  I am hopeful that my practice will continue to evolve.
Work has been plentiful and fun.  I have a little bit of a following and feel that my co-workers find my professionalism refreshing and annoying.  I have OCD when it comes to how I like to manage my space.  I like a clean bar.  I know what makes sense to  me and how to avoid being in the weeds.  Which delights my co-workers and frustrates them.  I do not encourage them being in my space.
I considered a trip to Spain or the Bahamas.  Everything seemed to point in that direction of the Bahamas.  My friend, Agnese, and I had talked about a trip to Spain last summer.  We wanted to meet this year but outside of talking, we had not planned anything.  I did attempt to make it work out if it worked for Agnese.  She is heading to Argentina in December and so I think that is where her focus is.  We postponed our trip until 2015.
I talked to my mini about heading to Vietnam or Cambodia in 2016.  Kristina is a travel junkie, like me (obviously why I call her mini) and knew that these countries would spark her interest.  Currently, she is prepping to take the GRE and prepare for Graduate School.
My friend, Shar, lives in the Bahamas.  She had this great idea of me visiting her and exploring nearby islands.  Conveniently, I could since the timing does not conflict with any markets in SF.  Things slow down in SF in October.  I figure, why not travel?
I took a random quiz on fb where it was supposed to identify what my career should be.  I answered the ten questions and the result was writer.  I suppose based on my unconventional livelihood, work and love of travel, well, that would make sense.  If only I could break through my censoring of what I say.  I must work on that.
I am grateful for today.  The newness of it and what I will find.  Friends in town, work and perhaps some yoga.  I am on the fence with that one.  I could be unproductive and enjoy the overcast day.  Celebrate with friends and maybe a grilled cheese and soup.  However it plays out, I know, it is a glorious day.

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