Friday, August 29, 2014

Dreaming of carrot cake

Dinner last night was incredible.  Would have been, more so, had one of my friends joined me.  Regardless, my charming personality encouraged some of the staff to talk with me.  Initially, it was rough.  There was a couple next to me who were concluding their meal and then another couple (or siblings as I was to find out) and then, that was it.  Not many bar guests to chit chat with and so I began a conversation with the bartender.  Younger guy, native to SF, and a fellow traveler.  He had spent some time in Australia and New Zealand.  He worked in both countries for a stretch.  He wanted to extend his stay.  He did say how weird it was to work and make an hourly wage as opposed to tips.  Of course, I had to speak about my travels at that point.  It reminded me of how much I loved traveling.
I sampled an appetizer, entree and got talked into dessert.  I told the owner that I was interested in a cheese plate or carrot cake.  He then went on his own diatribe of how fantastic carrot cake is.  He tried to muddle a drink concoction using carrot cake from whole foods.  That made me chuckle as I can see the wasted effort.  I love carrot cake from whole foods as the Goddess can attest to.  I have visited her in Denver a few times and she has surprised me with that treat for dessert.
They did not offer carrot cake.  And, they did not offer me a cheese plate.  Instead, they bragged about this chocolate dessert and gave me a little port to sweeten the deal.  The cake was good.  I just wasn't particularly in the mood for it.  I wanted carrot cake.
I still want carrot cake.  I managed to avoid working this evening.  We had too many people scheduled and so I volunteered to leave.  I wasn't that broken up about it.  I could go home, dream about carrot cake, stream hulu until I am motivated to drive to get said carrot cake.  It's coming.
I know it's pathetic but I seriously want this carrot cake.  If I drive there and it is unavailable, I am going to be so bummed!
I could have worked.  Actually, I had a feeling that I was going to opt out of that tonight.  I felt okay not working tonight.  I did agree to help them out tomorrow for a few hours.  I don't know if that was the best thing for me since now I will not be attending the yoga festival.  However, it scores me some points and the festival day pass is a little out of my league since I will be unable to attend many of the classes.  Mostly, I would spend $150 to maybe attend two classes.  Seems a bit steep for a yoga class or in this case, festival.  In some respects, I see it as a missed opportunity.  There are a few local yogi's that I would like to see in action before committing to a teacher training.  If it is meant to happen, it will.  I do believe that.
I took a brief trip to buy carrot cake.  Delish!  I will now have to suffer through a yoga class tomorrow to counter the dessert.  If only one of the preferred instructors were teaching.  Instead it is the one that plays terrible music and is on a spiritual kick as of late.  That and he instructs us on to other people's mats which is gross and bothersome.  I hope to talk myself into attending his class.  We shall see.
Til tomorrow, enjoy!

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