Saturday, August 2, 2014

Work, baby shower and meeting new people...

I did offer to work tonight if needed.  I wanted to prove that I was interested in working after taking a few days off and then an additional day due to car issues.  My boss was all for it.  I phrased it like this--if someone calls in and there a shift that needs to be picked up, I can do it.  I appreciate your understanding about my car.  I really, truly did appreciate the support they gave me.  Otherwise, I might still be on the side of 1-25.
I felt it was important to offer. I do care about my job.  However, I didn't want a shift created for me.  I had a baby shower to attend.  I would have skipped that if there was a need to be working. There wasn't.  I worked the day shift and it was lame for me.  Three bar guests.  I was ready to go at 3 pm and make my way to the baby shower. In spite of the fact I did not have a gift.  The travel, car issues and work impeded that progress.  I found the invitation and saw where she was registered.  I made my way to the local store only to find that it was going out of business.  WTF?
Still, I could not arrive empty handed.  That would be extremely lame.  I walked over to the shop and knocked on the door.  Explained my situation--baby shower in ten minutes, registry there and the need for a gift.  The woman asked me if the baby shower was for Anika and I go, yea.  She said that Anika had bought up the majority of the registered items since she was going out of business.  I seemed dismayed as the idea of going to another store did not inspire me. Thankfully, this lady had one item that Anika really wanted but did not have.  She threw together a couple of items and put them in a gift bag.  We kept talking and she goes--you look really familiar.  Where do you work?
I tell her where I work and she exclaims, that's right...remember when I came in with Glanville?  You are from Kansas right?
I guess it is good that I share my upbringing.  Saved me time and money from having to shop at another baby store. I found the baby shower and was in awe of the backyard.  Beautiful.  They had an outdoor bar and the event was catered.  They passed hors douerves while the multitude of women chatted. I recognized quite a few of them from a happy hour I had attended.  Still, it was a little awkward for me.  I didn't really know the guest of honor all that well and I do not have kids.  The majority of women that attended did.  I grabbed a glass of wine and walked around.  One girl stopped me to see where she knew me. In all honesty, she reminded me of a girl that I used to work with in Kansas.  Similar hair style and earthy quality.  We figured out that we had met while I waited on her at my current job. I remembered her. I thought she was a lawyer.  Her and her friend were talking about court and so it seemed natural. I found out today that she is an investment banker.  Ironic.  I have been wanting to talk to someone about investing.
We spoke the majority of the time.  I made sure to get her information before I left.  I was good.  A few glasses of wine and then made my departure.  I stopped by a market to pick up dinner and wine.  I walked around the store and had a celeb spotting.  Beautiful actress that was on a a show I used to watch.  However, the last few seasons have been super lame and so I couldn't tell you what was going on.  I did take the opportunity to compliment her dress before checking out.  She said thank you and seemed grateful that I didn't mention why she looked familiar.  Made me realize how uncomfortable it must be to go out in public and not be questioned for being famous.  Sure, I was excited to her and likewise, someone. this morning at my job.  I about fell over when I saw this guy.  I mean, how often do you run into the FBI agent from the fugitive?  That was super cool.  Nice. humble man that wanted to enjoy a meal.  Who can blame him?  Or the actress I saw at the market?  They are people wanting to enjoy their lives.
Cheers to Saturday.  I am thankful for being here, my car being safe/running and the opportunity to meet new people in this city.  My job too.  It enables my livelihood, travel and social interaction as noted, twice, today.

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