Thursday, August 28, 2014

three times denied

I had dinner plans.  I ensured that I had tonight off.  Last week, I was asked if I would work Sunday, Monday, Thursday behind the bar.  I told them no.  Typically, I work Sunday-Tuesday, barside.  Thursday, has been and remains, a day off.  I was not concerned about requesting it, as I have been fortunate, weekly to enjoy the night off.
Still, I had dinner plans.  With a friend.  In some ways, I knew that he would cancel.
I just felt it.  I don't know why or how.  Just that I would not be dining with Troy.  This morning, he texted me that his driver's license had expired.  It seemed incredulous as I know that my license (AZ) expires when I am pushing almost 70.  We bantered, back and forth.  I felt some sort of peacefulness heading into yoga.  Troy seemed intent on making it right.  Not only that.  I knew that he enjoyed food and wanted to join me.  He was, on hold (according to him) for 45 minutes.
I left yoga and had three text messages.  He couldn't procure that license through Colorado.  Arizona cleared him but since they were not administering the license, they didn't care.  Colorado could not clear his license for 24 hours.
I texted another friend about dinner.  I had pre-empted to Teo that I would be interested in a dinner, specifically, tonight.  I reached out to her, twice, tonight. I knew that she would be working, today, and so I would try to contact her after four.  No response.  Eventually, say, 6 o'clock, she texted that she had plans.  A concert to attend.  In all honesty, I didn't blame her.  I liked the musician she was set to see.
The person I wanted to dine with is a friend of mine.  I knew that he wasn't an option either.  I knew, that, he, too, would disappoint me.  He did.
I cancelled my reservation and showered.  Thought I would dine at set restaurant at the bar.  Upon driving to the said restaurant, I reconsidered.  I only agreed to dine at the one place to appease my friend with the licensing situation.  The restaurant bar, there, has 7 seats  It's too brightly lit and lame. I could go, downtown, and have a phenomenal meal. I chose the downtown restaurant.
Phenomenal.  I joined the bar crowd and contemplated my choices.  This couple, I thought, later to find out they were siblings, were from Kansas.  We chitchatted while dining.
Eventually, they left, and I chose my meal.  I had a wedge salad, salmon lasagna and was talked into a chocolate dessert.  I drank wine and met the local talent.  The guys were generous, kind, and gracious.   I stopped texting my "people" and enjoyed the evening.
Did I want to have dinner with Troy?  Yes
Was I bummed that it didn't happen?  Yes.  Was I upset that he didn't know his license expired?  Of course.  Was I able to still have an enjoyable meal?  Yep.
My other friend texted that we should meet, next week.  Sounds good.  I just wasn't ready to suggest that earlier.  I wanted to enjoy my wine, chocolate cake and experience.  I did.
Life is grand.  Even without companions.  I truly had a lovely experience.  Happy 28th to me~

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