Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/28, always a date I remember

I think this was 2003 or 2004.  I cannot fully remember.  I know that the photo was taken  in Denver at Commons Park.  We were celebrating our anniversary.  Our first "date" was on August 28th.  I thought I was so smart.  Meeting Brian downtown at the Keg.  Only to find out that he was 19 and I was embarking on 26.
Each year, we would go to a Rockies game, the Falling Rock and wherever else the day led us.  We wanted to honor how we met, where we went and remember why we liked each other.  One year, we went to a play--I love you, You're Perfect, Now Change.  Brian chose that year.  Another year, we went had a couple's massage at a local day spa.  It was glorious.  I always loved celebrating our anniversary.
Tomorrow, I will be dining with a great friend of mine.  Troy is a fellow lover of life, food and travel.  He, too, lost someone close to him.  Ironically, about three weeks after Brian died.  We bonded and developed a friendship over our losses.  I have not seen Troy in about two years.  However, I know, that we always fall back into our friendship.  We dined in Phoenix a couple years back.  He texted me that he was in Monterey, California, and would meet me around 10 that night.  He drove straight through and met me at a lovely little place in Phoenix.  The following night, we dined in Cave Creek.  Also, delicious and food friendly.
So, yes, I am delighted to not only have a day off (finally) and to be able to celebrate my anniversary with a close friend who does understand what the 28th means to me.  We are going to an agreed upon spot.  Troy mentioned checking out where I work.  I declined.  I know that food is spectacular and that the Chef is a James Beard Award Winner.  However, I also know, that I am unable to relax.  I want to honor my relationship not explain it.  I feel that if I were to dine at work, I would be explaining my relationship with Brian and friendship with Troy.  I figure Troy can check out my work at some other point.
I am looking forward to tomorrow night.  I have the day off  Can do yoga and relax.  I am thankful for plentiful work (of course) but do relish a day of just being me.  Spoiling myself with food, friends, and wine.  I honor the love I shared with Brian and am so grateful for the memories.  Cheers!

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