Monday, September 29, 2014

birthday weekend

I remember celebrating my birthday in 2005.  Scuba diving in Cozumel and one night in Playa del Carmen.  I insisted on staying at a swim up bar type of hotel.  I wanted the convenience.  Within ten minutes, I was annoyed with my decision.  I didn't factor in the other people that would be enticed by the inclusivity of the hotel.  Never having to leave the property as all needs were met.  I prefer venturing into the local scene, seeing color, eating flavors and listening to music.  Our hotel did not have what I wanted in that regard.
Yesterday, I took the bus downtown.  I wanted to purchase new earrings, a ring or a bracelet.  I was undecided.  I headed downtown and my friend, Lisa, called to see if I would want to attend the reserve tasting for wine.  YES!  Obviously I would enjoy attending a reserve tasting.  I could drink bubbles, napa cabs and chit chat with friends in the industry.
The tasting was great.  I had eaten a salad for lunch and inhaled wine.  Sometimes, I do this.  There was food available but I have issues where I think anything left out in the open for a certain amount of time is off limits to me.  Cheese breathes in room temperature and is not enticing to me.  Anyways, after the tasting we were going to have a drink before Lisa and her people went to dinner.  The place we wanted to go to for martinis (like I needed one at this point) was not open to the public. They had a private party so we headed to another joint.  We were seated, ordered drinks and when they came, they were awful.  Lisa was not impressed and so she goes--we're leaving.  These drinks are horrible.  We got up to leave and I threw $20 to the server.  I felt bad about the situation and I suppose, felt, I should pay it forward.  It wasn't her fault that the bartender did not know how to make a cosmopolitan.
We parted ways and I headed to my fall back place.  Of course, they were booked solid, too.  I made my way to another spot with a bar and ordered a salad and halibut.  Delicious.  I hired a taxi to drive me home and also stop by a market to purchase carrot cake.  I wanted carrot cake to celebrate Brian's birthday.  Yummo!
Saturday brought more opportunities to drink wine, chat with friends and eat food.  I drove up to the Opera and managed to find a parking spot prior to the lot closing.  The main event was from 1-4.  Plenty of time to drink wine.  Too much time, actually.  I ran into a co-worker and some of her friends and glommed on to them.  Our plan of attack was to go different directions and meet in the middle.  That way we could keep in contact and not get lost.  We managed to keep this maneuver, engaged, in two of the four tents.  Then, I needed another porta potty break and ran into other people that I knew.  I got tied up with that and lost my friends for the remainder of the event.
Which was in my best interest.  I had dinner plans with Melody and wanted to enjoy the meal.  I didn't want to be all boozy.  I slowed down my wine drinking since I was chit chatting with more people that I knew from work and friends that I had not seen in a couple weeks.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday.
Dinner was delightful.  I will elaborate more of that later. I have a touch of insomnia but should try to sleep.  Cheers!

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