Thursday, September 18, 2014

Upcoming travel and visions of how to spend the next milestone bday

Dreaming of future travel.  I see a trip to Denver and Phoenix in my near future.  Denver to visit friends, get my fix of restaurants that I miss and maybe yoga.  I am still undecided about how much I love the yoga community in Denver.  I did attend a studio for over a year that was adequate.  Ironically, one of my running partners referred to said studio as the Walmart of yoga studios.  She felt the quality was generic and that they were over franchised further decreasing their appeal.
At that time, I agreed.  However, given the opportunity to attend one of their studios, now, I would.  I am wanting more of a challenge than what I am receiving currently.
Phoenix brings yoga (YES!), hiking camelback, friends and a business opportunity of sorts.  I want to research it more and talk with my friends before committing.  It could be a great opportunity and I want to think about it more.  Ironically, when I think of some of the jobs I have had they have all stemmed from friendships made in Phoenix.  It is ironic as I really do not love, love, love Phoenix, at all.  Or in the way that I love Denver or even enjoy Santa Fe.  Santa Fe has its own charm and I am discovering things I truly enjoy.  Finally went hiking at Atalaya Mountain yesterday.  So close to me and a nice tranquil hike.  Sure, Santa Fe is small and that is an adjustment in itself.  Still, I feel confident in my decision to be here now.  Does it stop me from wanting to travel more and explore another city to, it doesn't.
I think this time of year always inspires me to reflect on where I am and where I would like to go.  I met some friends of mine in 2009 in Phoenix.  It was a mini-reunion of sorts and a nice weekend getaway.  It would be nice to do that again but I don't want to be the instigator or planner like I was last time.  And, in the next few years I will be heading to Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand with my mini.  Milestone birthday year is motivating that trip.  Plus, I know Kristina is like-minded when it comes to travel.  We will be enjoying hostels, air bnb and other budget friendly travel sites.  I don't need  a resort to occupy my time when abroad.  Sure, I enjoy a swim up bar every now and then. (Super convenient) but prefer the more local driven trip.  Food is a factor and I want to check out a nice meal or two while traveling.
The other night, I met this woman who works on non profits for animals in Santa Fe.  We started a conversation and based on our conversation, I could tell we had similarities.  She expressed that her sister-in law hoarded material items in several storage units.  She lamented how foolish that was and how she planned on raiding those and donating the insides to the animal shelters when it was an option.  She mentioned that she had donated several pieces of jewelry, handbags and now shoes in an effort to raise money for this organization.  Clearly, she was passionate about animals.  We continued talking and she noted that she enjoyed spending money on experiences--food, travel--and I told her that I was the same way.  We figured out that we had the same birthday.  It was so funny!  She was the second customer I have had in three days that shares my birthday.  The first guy is in Rome and Europe to celebrate his 50th.  I told him of my upcoming adventure to the Bahamas to celebrate this year.  This woman told me she was going to take a photo of herself, post it and say--60 is the new 40.  I think, go for it.  Why not?  We all should celebrate, enjoy life and prosper.
My idea of prospering is exploring the world.  Is there a way to be financed for this?  Any suggestions?
Til later, I am off to work.

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