Monday, September 1, 2014

Small world

Yesterday, I went into work and experienced some pain in my ankle.  I had not twisted, sprained or taxed my ankle in any way from my recollection.  I had went to yoga, cleaned my house and put my sandals on. On the drive over to work (think four miles) I experienced some odd pain in my foot.  I limped into work.  Seriously.  I had some issues and asked the manager if I could go home and retrieve my ankle wrap.  I wanted to stabilize my foot.  Thankfully, I found the one wrap that I have, grabbed some arnica cream, took a few alleve and headed back to work.  I rethought my day and where I would have potentially injured myself.  I couldn't remember.  I think it is the sandals.  How they now fit when I walk.  Somehow I tweaked my alignment.
At any rate, I went into work held together by a wrap.  I don't enjoy being reliant on others to get things for me.  I am self-sufficient and capable.  Waiting on others to bring me necessary items so that I can work is challenging.  I don't like it.  Of course, we were busy.  I was busy from the start.  Full bar and lots of personalities to entertain.  Eventually, this couple sat down and ordered food.  They seemed kind and so I asked where they were visiting from.  Denver.  This, of course, opened up a solid conversation.  I love talking about Denver.  Things to do, places to dine, people watch, etc.  We bonded over a brilliant city.  They had starters and entrees.  Meaning, we had plenty of opportunity to chit chat and learn more about each other.
Someone made some comment about  me being from Kansas. I think it was basketball related which led us down another path of conversation.  This couple also had attended college in Kansas.  The girl went to KSU and her husband to KU.  It was crazy how much we had in common on the dining scene.  Our collective world gets smaller when they realize where I grew up. Typically, when this happens I will be asked if I know some random person.  I grew up in a small city.  It is bigger than a town as it was 55 thousand + residents.  Of course, I don't know everyone that grew up there and more likely than not, I don't know who the person inquires about.  Normally, I try to think of some way in which our paths would have crossed--high school, family friends, work related.  However, last night, this couple did not ask me if I knew so and so...instead, they mentioned a college friend that now lives in Denver. Ironically, I knew this kid's sister since we graduated together.  I was in shock.  I hadn't heard his name in years.  This couple, equally surprised, text the guy and he responds immediately with my full name and the fact that I had two sisters.  It was funny and made my night in a way.  My world does get smaller on a daily basis.  From places I have lived, traveled, dined, I can connect/associate to people.
I drove home and considered picking up ziplock baggies to enable a homemade ice pack. I forgot that I had borrowed Jan's ice pack from a previous injury while living in Phoenix.  It made the move thankfully.
Today, I hope to enjoy the day, do some chores and take it easy. I skipped yoga to rest my foot.  I should find new shoes.  I am disappointed in my sandals as they were expensive and along the orthotic type of shoes.  They should hold up longer than six months.  Seriously. $275 for shoes to break down and create pain is a not a good slogan for the company.

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