Sunday, September 14, 2014

random encounters

Yesterday, I went to a coffee shop.  Hipster coffee shop that I do enjoy the vibe of it.  They play decent music and attract an eclectic mix of people.  I ordered my coffee and egg sandwich and looked around the room.  I wasn't interested in sitting outside or at their counter, so I asked this woman if I could join her. She was seated at a table for eight.  She agreed and indicated that she wanted me to sit near her.  I grabbed a water and returned to the table.
She was interesting.  I asked her her background.  I couldn't pick up her accent.  Slight lilt.  She was british but had lived in eastern Europe.  She told me about her upbringing and name while I waited for my coffee and breakfast.  While she was talking, she moved my water in front of her.  Next thing I know she is drinking from the glass.  I didn't say anything as I thought it was kinda funny.  My coffee was taking forever and so I stepped outside to text my mechanic that I was running late.  There is no reception within the coffee shop.  I didn't want my mechanic to wait around on his day off because I needed breakfast.  This guy offered to replace some hoses on my car outside of his job.  I really appreciated that.
I return and the lady concludes our breakfast.  She tells me it was a pleasure to meet me and offers me the remainder of her water.  She says that she doesn't have anything that would make me sick and so I can enjoy the water if I like....I'm thinking to myself--what?  Thank you for offering to return me my water that I poured.
It was funny that in the last week, I have had two conversations about my family tree.  We all have interesting backgrounds, stories, lives.  Rarely do we take the time to ask people.  The lady was eccentric and she did, take my water.  However, I could sense there was an even more interesting story to her life.  She lives in Santa Fe part time and the rest of the time in Hawaii.  That is another thing that keeps recurring in my life.  The amount of people that live in Hawaii part of the year.  One place that I have not visited.  I would like to, though.
I will be in the Bahamas in a month.  I am extremely excited.  Another passport stamp and opportunity to enjoy the beach.  In the meantime, I have thought about driving to Denver or Phoenix (yoga specific).  I like being able to go and not be held down or restricted by anything.  I thought I had an opportunity to go on Friday.  This guy I work with had mentioned picking up additional shifts.  It didn't happen which I am okay with.  My car was fixed and I think, next weekend, I will be doing the same thing.  I forgot to ask the guy if I should make an appointment to have an oil change at his work or just go to the specific jiffy lube that every town has.  I always take Veronica to a volvo specific mechanic for oil changes, too. I am going to have to ask my guy his thoughts on it.
Yoga will inspire, rejuvenate and create serenity.  Exactly what I am looking for today.  Cheers!

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