Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday night dinner

Finally a day off.  I don't know how much I love working six nights a week.  Two jobs helps keep it fresh but the six nights thing, well, it's wearing on me.  I need to change it up and work a day or something.  I enjoy having more options to my night off then just once a week.
Tonight, I have dinner plans with a customer of mine.  A nice older gentleman.  Well read, traveled and enjoys a good conversation.  I considered it a friendly gesture on his part.  I didn't even think of it as a date as he is considerably older than I am.  Perhaps a little naive on my part but I want to see the best in people.
I skipped yoga as is customary on Saturdays.  Not many classes offered and the instructor is my least favorite.  I don't think I can force myself into another one of his classes.  I have tried and then the music makes me crazy.  The class becomes more about how long I can make myself stay and be bored instead of relaxing and finding the zen zone.  I checked out a matinee which I have not done in years.  Great option to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I saw a cute flick about saying goodbye.  I liked all of the actors and it was well written.
Afterwards, I wanted a beer and a sandwich.  My options were limited by the time.  The matinee ended at 2.  Most restaurants in Santa Fe are closed from 2-5ish.  I didn't relish the idea of driving downtown and parking to dine at a hotel bar.  Instead, I drove over to a new local restaurant that is similar to where I work.  Casual dining, good food, fair priced and decent beer selection. One of the girls that works there is an acquaintance.  Her husband and I work together at my primary job.  I felt confident in confiding in Ashley about my upcoming dinner.  She suggested fabricating people to meet after the dinner or setting an alarm on my phone that would go off at which point, I could answer my phone and make up an excuse to leave or if I felt okay with how things were proceeding, I could ignore the alarm and continue.  I liked how she thought.  She gave me a few options to end the dinner without being rude or presumptuous.
I told a few of my friends of my evening plans and they were quick to point out that he probably thought it was a date.  I was like, no, that would be so wrong.  He is like my one friend, asked if he was wealthy.  My response, well, he has a house here and one in Hawaii.  I don't know, I guess.  She roared at that.  Of course, he thinks it is a date...he's a man, right?
I was still on board for dinner and insisted on meeting him at the prearranged restaurant.  I told him that I had friends in town to meet after our dinner.  I guess I wanted an out and a painless one at that.
Dinner was great and he was kind.  We sat outside and enjoyed patio dinning.  I started with a watercress salad and concluded with scallops.  He had gazpacho and the halibut.  I was interested in the halibut but the lavendar pudding that accompanied it did not inspire me.  I opted for the scallops instead.
We discussed books, movies, travel, how he met his wife and an array of other topics.  He is well traveled and loves japanese art.  He will head to Paris this week to attend a viewing of said art.  I think that is incredible.  Honestly, it was a nice meal and I don't think I had anything to worry about.  Or maybe I made it clear that I was only wanting a nice dining companion by my action.  I am thankful that it wasn't awkward and that yes, he is a gracious man.
He spoke of his late wife and it was obvious that the shared a great love.  He lost her to cancer a few years ago.  It made me think of my dad and what he went through when his wife passed.  The want for companionship, someone to dine with, walk with, travel.  It was a nice evening.
We finished the night with coffee and truffles.  Nice conclusion to the dinner.  You cannot go wrong with chocolate.  However, had the restaurant offered carrot cake as one of their dessert choices, I would have insisted that we try it.  They didn't.
My intention was to have a night cap at a hotel bar that I seem to linger in.  I drove over and noticed that their ballroom was full of people dancing.  I pulled in to the valet only to discover that the lot was full and only for registered guests at that point.  Sad as I was out of options.  I headed home but there are not many places to go on my side of town.  Sure, I could have went into my other job for a night cap but I didn't love that option.  I didn't want to talk about work or that I was unable to work for someone due to my dinner plans.  So, I retired for the night with a glass of wine at my house.  Safe and comfortable way to end a Saturday night.  If only I had managed a soak at Ojo.  That would have been an ideal addition to my day off.

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