Monday, September 8, 2014

Yoga, food and thought provoking books....

I thought I would attend the 7:30 yoga class and then reconsidered.  Last Friday, I left early, as the music was terrible.  I couldn't handle it.  I hope that since my friend is subbing the noon class that she will step up the rhythm of her music selection.  I wish she would increase the tempo in all of her classes.  Especially the early morning class.  I wake up, have coffee and want my mind bent.  I have no interest in soothing music.  I want rhythm!
I remain hopeful that she will step it up.  I think some of these instructors have odd notions of what to bring to the class depending on the time of day.  Some of the music selection is a snooze fest or more restorative which would seem more applicable at the end of the day.  Not the beginning.  I have a difficult time when the music is lame.  My mind wanders and then I think I will injure myself due to boredom.  Eventually, I leave the class to save myself from boredom and injury.  I have made suggestions in their suggestion box and nothing has improved.  They don't use their mirrors, clean their floors (ever from what I have experienced) and the music remains mediocre at best.  There is one instructor that has good music and she changes it up on a daily basis.  The majority of the instructors, though, play terrible music.  I have one more month pass to complete before seeking out other studios.  I think I am done, for real, this time.  I cannot make myself go to a studio that does not try to improve the quality of the experience by updating the playlist or cleaning the studio.  I'm done.
I had a few bar guests last night interested in my current reading selection.  They seemed to have similar likes in book taste and food.  They were visiting from D.C. and spoke highly of the food scene there as well as in Denver.  All it did was inspire me to travel more.  I need to figure out a way to make it happen.  I enjoy talking about food destinations with bar guests.
This couple also had an interesting take on the Kevin book.  The conversation began as I was telling another gentleman about my current fiction read.  I am re-reading She's Come Undone.  I mentioned that I have read a few of the author's other books and describing the content of them.  This other couple overhears my conversation and agrees that they, too, enjoy the author.  They, specifically, enjoyed the book about the high school massacre as did I.  They asked if I had read we need to talk about Kevin and I was honest about how it made me think for a month about the content.  How this kid had everything--a good home, support, no needs and still acted out in an uncontrollable rage where who was at fault for the behavior?
This couple tells me that they have two friends where the friends have adult children that are acting out.  Adult children in their late 30's who are behaving in a way that would suggest they were raised by wolves.  These people expressed how that was not the case, at all.  Their friends were good people, good providers and at a loss for what motivated their kids to act out in such a way to provoke the authorities.  Is there an explanation?
We do have choices.  We are all capable of making good and bad decisions. It's the accountability that has taken a back seat to the responsibility of the choice.  Being accountable is being overlooked for the why of the choice.  Was it environment?  Nurturing?
Does it matter?  I don't know that it does.  If you make a poor choice, you should be accountable for it.  It shouldn't be about your upbringing, your financial status, your environment.  You made the decision--own it.  Good or bad.  Deal with the consequences.
It is interesting and I am thankful for the thought provoking books that I seem to be drawn to as of late.  It has inspired a few great conversations recently.  I hope this trend continues.  Until later, cheers~

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