Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yoga and dance

On Thursday, I attended a yoga class.  I wanted to celebrate life and remember 9/11 in a positive way.  I wanted to remember kindness, graciousness and doing unto others.
I knew that the instructor would have soothing music as she is the only one in Santa Fe that seems to identify the connection between yoga and music.  It is an art and it does require good music.  I was not disappointed.  Emily started off with honoring the day and how we all have the ability to share our energy.  The class began with a montage of New York songs.  Billy Joel started us off on the journey.  I found myself emotional listening to the words while being instructed in the flow.  It was incredible and exactly the way I wanted to honor the day.  Each song increased the celebration of the day.  I am thankful that I opted to have lunch on Tuesday and skip Emily's class instead of Thursday. Originally, I had lunch plans on Thursday.  I managed to dine with Teo on Tuesday instead.
On Friday, I attended another yoga class.  The noon class and was hopeful that the instructor would play fitting music for the noon hour.  She didn't.  I just can no longer go to these classes and be bored out of my mind.  It isn't helpful or recommended.  Seriously, I am going to jack up my practice by injuring myself out of boredom.
I have made suggestions to individual instructors and made comments in the anonymous comment box. Neither seem to help.  Not once has it been mentioned that perhaps the music selection could improve by an instructor.  Or, that the floors have been cleaned after a class.  It's gross that there is sweat on the hardwood floors and it's not mopped up between classes.  I am done.  There is no point to making suggestions or attending the studio.  After my friend opens her own place in a few months, they are no longer offering her 7:30 class.  I figure I can finish out my pass and then seriously consider other options.  There are other instructors that offer individual classes in other buildings.  Or, my friend is opening her spin/yoga studio in November.  I have high hopes of what that will mean.  She tells me that it will be hot power vinyasa which is what I want to practice.  I so miss Phoenix and the yoga community.  If I was able to, I would fly back to attend a class or two on a monthly basis. I am not against making this happen.  I just might. It would be a way to build up miles, see friends and get my yoga fix.
Anyways, yoga was freeing and beautiful on Thursday.  The music was amazing and I felt at peace.  Namaste

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