Monday, August 29, 2016


In my natural state.  Wine in hand at a comfortable place.  Somewhere I am secure in dining solo, meeting people and sports.  I love it!
I worked yesterday and managed to depart much earlier than anticipated.  I was a little undecided about how I should spend the evening.  I could pick up some bubbly and take out.  There is a spot that has a delicious Caesar salad and a side of meatballs that I have been enjoying the last few months.  Or, I could make dinner in my house.  I would need to pick up some greens and other vegetables but it was manageable. 
I continued to contemplate and then texted a chef friend of mine to see if he was working.  I love his spot and it has always been a safe haven.  He responded that he was not there but that I could stop by and meet him for wine.  That could be fun and I could bring him bubbly and celebrate my day with him.  Brian and I had our first date on August 28th.  We went to a Rockies game and downtown.  I celebrate my life with him.  In the past I have traveled to honor him and find incredible food.  Food was always an aspect of our relationship.  It just seemed fitting that I would dine out last night.
Thankfully the bartender is an acquaintance of mine and there was ample seating.  I walked in and chit chatted with the other customer until I chose mussels with chorizo and a Caesar salad.  Perfection. Ideal way to spend the anniversary.  It would have been fourteen years.
Tonight I am meeting another friend for Vietnamese food.  Upscale.  I have a love for Pho, banh mi and a whole slew of food from that region of the world.  Cannot wait to enjoy some dumplings.  First, though, I will attend Barre, see my chiro, receive a massage and thoroughly enjoy my day.
Cheers to the week!

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