Friday, August 12, 2016

plans, intentions, wants

DIY project done.  Mostly, that is.  I need to apply a few additional coats of modge podge to feel really good about it.  Yesterday, I found myself wanting to have other projects.  Maybe I could check out good will or garage sales to see what I could make mine and better.  I like painting.  I have never done much of this outside of one room in an apartment years ago.  And in all honesty, it wasn't that great of a job.  I slapped the paint on and let it fall where it wanted.  Blemishes, splotches of paint and uneven terrain was the landscape of my room.  I am sure that my landlord loved having to repaint the room.
It felt good to put my mind to be productive and complete the task.  What is it they say about goal setting?  Try not to leap bounds to a huge goal which can ultimately leads to failure.  For example, starting my own business venture.  Thinking it is one thing.  Doing it a complete other.  Better to accomplish small tasks which lead to completing a big goal.  Easier to stay on point and inspired.  Like integrating teaching yoga into my weekly routine.  Am I ready to teach full time?  Not quite.  Is it helping that I am making it more of a priority?  Yes.  Illustrates to me that I am capable of doing my own thing and have a support network to open it up. 
I have been teaching yoga on a weekly basis to a few friends.  It ebbs and flows.  Some of my friends are consistent while others have good intentions and then life happens.  Work, scheduling, etc....I hope to have a little more flexibility as to when I am available.  Maybe I could manage to wake earlier and do early morning sessions.  That might work.  I do have friends that are early birds.  And, I am inclined to practice in the a.m. as opposed to evening sessions.  I prefer taking care of that aspect of my life early in the day. 
I walked downtown to meet my friend, Janna, for happy hour.  She relocated back to Denver and is slowly transitioning into a home purchase and work.  She works downtown and so it was easy to meet with her.  I wanted to walk to reflect on life.  Earlier in the day, I had received a chiropractic adjustment and a massage.  Both were phenomenal/needed and I could tell the Barre classes are effective.  I am dehydrated and my IT bands are screaming during most massages.  So walking felt right and essential.  The idea of parking also motivated me to walk.  I do not like parallel parking or heading downtown during rush hour.  Traffic is a time suck and has been annoying to me as of late.  I prefer getting outside and enjoying all of the sunflowers.  And music.  Always music. 
I pushed back my practice to accommodate my friend this morning. It will be a little bit of a rush but I still wanted to do it.  I am inspired to make it a recurring situation in my life. 
Slowly, I am putting together my apartment.  Hanging artwork, organizing and figuring out more things I want in my apartment.  A table, chairs, maybe another piece of furniture for my room.  The living room is fine as I am teaching yoga in it.  I can use the space.  My room however could use more color.  Really make it a home.  I am very happy to be back in Denver.  It is home.
I am off to create a sequence and plan the remainder of my day.  I see some time with the WP later and work.

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