Sunday, August 14, 2016

upcoming trips and musings

Where to go next?  Is a yoga retreat in my future?  Beach trip?  Europe?  Or somewhere domestic?  I have trips planned through September and know of two to kick start 2017 but the remaining three months of 2016, I am open.  Wide open to what?  I don't know.  More yoga training.  A wine inspired trip or travel abroad. 
I see Spain, Italy, Montreal.  Many of the upcoming yoga retreats are hosted in Italy, Bali or the Caribbean.  I have been to Italy and so I hesitate to sign on to one of those.  If I went to Spain, I could potentially visit a friend of mine from college.  He and his wife live in Portugal through the end of the year.  After that, they are considering a return to the States.  Maybe the Midwest or Boston. 
There is a growing wine region in Uruguay.  I could so go there to explore that or some of the history of that country.  Panama and Columbia both intrigue me.  Or if I wait til April, I can join my friends yoga retreat to Nepal.  But, do I want to wait?  I am a little distracted and overwhelmed by all of the possibility.  I keep seeing reminders of living in the moment and creating memories.  That is 100% what I would like to be doing. 
I suppose I should think more on it before committing to a definite course of action.  Spain does sound lovely.  Or Greece.  I wonder what is the best place to travel in November or December.  I would love to go to my friend's wedding in December.  However, it doesn't seem like the best time for me or the occasion.  I would love to visit my friend when I can hang out with her.  I don't know.  I am still on the fence with it.  I have been to the Bahamas, twice.  If and when I achieve another passport stamp, I would like a new one.  I don't know that I want to return somewhere I have been before.
There are yoga and surf retreats that seem interesting.  I have been teaching friends yoga the past few weeks and recognize that I want to continue my own training.  Keep it fresh and interesting.  I don't want to rely on what I know.  I want to continue to teach and be relevant in that.  I look into my numerology or what I should be doing in my life.  Always see teaching, healing....I am trying to incorporate that into my livelihood.  Maybe take the time to spread a little experience in my current situation.  I did that last night.  Instead of getting worked up by how things normally go, I took action to ensure that people were aware of their tasks and that they needed to start doing them.  I mentioned being efficient and planning on being done in a timely manner.  Seemed like it worked and that everyone was on board.  I found myself on a departing train that was perfect.  I ended up sitting by my co-worker's wife and learning that she and I had a lot of people in common.  She used to work in the metro area and we had a lot of the same friends from the service industry.  She indicated that her husband did not have the same experience as he had only worked at the airport.  I think of all of the people I have met in my career from being in Denver to Phoenix and Santa Fe.  Some of my closest friends I met from working in this industry.   I am thankful for that and cannot imagine what it would have been like to only experience that perspective.  There are regulars that I still am in contact with.  The airport has some repeat clients that I have found but few and far between.  Or that I have seen.  I rarely hang out with my co-workers unlike another job that I have had.  Spending $7 for a beer is not something that I enjoy doing and sporting the uniform.  I have spent some time with a few of my co-workers but it always seems rushed.  Maybe it will open up later.
I am still considering where I want to go.  I am not worried about the how.  I feel that I will be heading abroad soon.  I only need to figure out the where.
Until later, I am off to flow, then brunch, then work.....

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