Saturday, August 13, 2016

saturday plans and upcoming thoughts

Beautiful day and what a way to start it.  I woke up at 4:45.  I have no idea why.  Thankfully, I was able to fall back asleep til about 8.  At which point, I forced myself out of bed and out the door.  I have no coffee.  True story.  Always motivates me to greet the day.
I walked to a local coffee shop before heading to a market.  There are about three coffee shops within a six block radius which is convenient.  However, one is super corporate.  The other does not offer coffee creamer which is a huge no-no in my world.  I do not like drinking milk in my coffee.  I prefer creamer.  I stopped by one Sunday morning when my toilet was on the fritz and I was staying at Sara's house.  Sara is a generous hostess and normally has coffee creamer in her home.  That week while I was at her home, she was on a dairy free diet.  As you can see, I was a little distracted and my routine was disrupted.  I did not take kindly to being told there is a market down the street that sells creamer.  I wanted to kick the guy in the shins.   Especially after I spent $5.50 on Americano.  I was irritated.  The other coffee shop is okay.  I like the coffee and the vibe is okay.  Don't think it is a home for me though.  There is another shop east of where I live that I prefer.
At any rate, after getting coffee I headed to the market.  I wanted to restock my supply of coffee, tortillas, tomatoes--essentials in my livelihood.  I have been more able to make my own lunch and dinner recently.  Mostly due to the fact that I am too lazy to try to find dinner after work.  My schedule prohibits me from eating at normal times.  I tried to yesterday while working.  Meaning, I was hungry around 5 and tried to order food.  Of course, it didn't work out and I was irritated that I had forgotten to pack a protein bar in my bag.  At least that is something to offset the hunger.  I picked up bars to accompany me to work the next few days.
Barre class continues to inspire and motivate me.  And kick my ass!  Seriously!  I think I should be better at it and then I attend Shannon's class and I am dying.  Today, I was fine thru the arms and plank sequence.  Then we started the thighs and I was shaking.  My mind is screaming at me and I don't want to give up in the class but wow!...Was it painful!
Showered, eating lunch, mentally preparing for the day.  Week, even.  I need to arrange a chiropractor session, massage, some Barre classes, yoga teaching amongst other things.  There is much to do and I tend to fill up my days easily.  I would love to do a silver coin sort of day, haha.
Or, I was talking to Shari talking about trips.  I head to Phoenix in ten days and then there is New Orleans at the end of September.  Is there a way to head to Santa Fe for a few days?  Maybe spend some time at Ojo.  Definitely see friends and drink silver coins.  I am so going to make it happen.  I can and will!
I am inspired, knowing, that I am capable of putting my mind to anything.  Travel always rules

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