Friday, August 26, 2016

Phoenix and the highlights

Three days in Phoenix.  Went by extremely fast.  Saw a bunch of people, taught yoga and went shopping.  I love the shopping in Phoenix.  I found my birthday dress--I think and a dress for Brie's wedding.  I had no idea that the consignment shop was offering 70% off until I went to the register to check out.  Imagine my surprise.  I was gleeful!  Beautiful coral dress for $6.  If only I had had more time to really shop there.
I managed to pick up work slacks, a blouse, another dress and four tops.  I scoped out a few shops around the Valley and felt great about what I picked up.  One of the shops has multiple locations.  Conveniently located near my favorite nail place (I always get a pedicure while in town.  The ladies remember me from bringing other friends and guests when I lived there.  I received an amazing pedicure.)  At any rate, I walked into the consignment shop and saw that the sales lady was talking with another client.  I perused the offerings.  Found a top that I was considering when another woman walks into the shop.  Immediately she is greeted unlike me.  I continue looking at dresses and listen to the conversation that ensues. The sales lady was excited to see this particular person since she could mention that her brother was now doing apps and wanted to know if this lady would be interested in using his services.  She actually started quoting prices for services at which point I chose to leave.  I didn't want to spend money in this place.  I was shocked at the lack of service and/or courtesy. 
I tell Jan and she tells me I should go to their other location and see what is available and mention it to them.  On Wednesday I attended a phenomenal flow and felt inspired.  I love the yoga community in Arizona and miss it. I miss attending classes where I know I can fully zone out and have my mind bent.  I cleaned up after the heated class and made my way to a different location of the consignment shop.  I didn't see anything that suited me and so I returned to central Phoenix to look at options there.  I tell Jan that I had visited their sister location but didn't bring up the previous day since I didn't buy anything.  Her suggestion was to return to the original store and shop if the sales associate was not there.  She wasn't.  Nor was the dress or the shirt that I had wanted to purchase. 
I shop and find a dress and work slacks that will be perfect for my new job.  I check out and mention to the sales associate that I had had a much better experience in their store and wanted to thank her for it.  She looks at me and I tell her what had happened the previous day.  How I had never been greeted.  How I watched the sales lady solicit business for her brother and how I was not impressed and walked out of the store without purchasing anything.
Her response....I am sorry.
She could have cared less.  I found myself understanding why people yelp crappy experiences.  It would have been much easier to get empathy on line than from this woman.  I wanted her to know that that was how people were made to feel while shopping and that perhaps her sales associate should not be soliciting business while at work.
Outside of the glitch there I had a fantastic shopping venture as noted. I saw friends and checked out new spots.  I really had a nice time. And another reminder that I love cultivating friendships and connecting people.  I took a break from it when I first returned to Denver.  Not anymore.
I taught yoga to my friend, Cody.  I met her while working at whole foods.  She was on my team and we bonded over our desire to travel, celebrate life and hike.  We have attended multiple yoga classes together and she knows that I am certified.  So we agreed to flow together at her house.  I was nervous as it is always challenging to teach friends.  The language and do I b.s. during the session or keep it professional?
It went well and then she gifted me 8 bags of coffee.  The coffee was considered old by whole foods and so she offered it to me.  When entering the airport, I was concerned that I would be stopped for the coffee.  I didn't feel that it was a security risk but somehow knew that I would be stopped.  I was.  The agent sorted through my things and I asked why I am being stopped.  His response--you say you packed your bag and yet don't know if it is the coffee or not.  It isn't opened so we will check it and then you can be on your way.
I wasn't impressed by his condescending attitude.  Or that he opened my purse to look at my jingle change.  He pulled my credit cards out, my cash and felt through the quarters.  I don't know why this is a threat to security but had been stopped in Seoul due to the change factor as well.
I made it through and bellied up to the only bar in terminal B.  Dire vibe, energy and so different to the bustle of the rest of the airport in Phoenix.  I survived.
Now back in Denver I am prepping for the beginning of my work week.  Also, planning my trip to NOLA.  It is a month out.  Time to organize!

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