Tuesday, August 9, 2016

hoping to travel and contemplating my Friday

I feel the itch...the itch to travel.  Wow, is it overwhelming me right now?!?!  I keep updating my Instagram with photos from previous trips--Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, Havana, Belize and some of the stateside locations--New Mexico and California.  I would love to return to wine country.  It has been too long since I have wine tasted in Cali.  Or, I have always flirted with the idea of doing a harvest.  I think it is still doable.  In my mind, I remain fierce and physically fit.  Yesterday, I helped lift two kegs and felt incredible.  Well, until I walked back to the bar and did a body scan.  Did I lift it wrong?  Had I tweaked my back?  How did I cut my finger, haha?  At any rate, I am overwhelmed with my desire to travel. 
I go into work and think about how much I would prefer flying from the airport instead of going to work.  I would like to have a glass of wine and reflect on the things I am going to do in indeterminate locations.  Sounds lovely!  And sometimes, people actually speak to each other instead of peruse their phones.  That is nice to see when people actually communicate with others.
Today is my "Friday" and much deserved.  Yesterday was busy!  Super busy.  Just to be a little too informative, I didn't urinate once while working.  Translation I was extremely dehydrated.  I had a headache, my eyes hurt and I had a Charlie horse in my calf.  Talk about being miserable, physically.  I did manage to inhale a protein bar.  Thankfully!  Otherwise, I think I would have acquired tunnel vision and passed out.  Even orange juice wouldn't have saved me.  Seriously!  It was pretty rough,
I returned home and stopped to purchase coconut water.  I needed something to rehydrate me and fast.  Drank some lemon water and was able to have a lovely night of sleep. 
So, yes, I am looking forward to this being my Friday. Tomorrow, I have a barre class scheduled, a yoga class to teach and other possibilities.  Meeting with friends and thinking about travel.  I loved Vietnam.  There are other places in Southeast Asia that I am interested in going.  Or, South America has always been intriguing to me.  I studied latin American history in college. I would love to check out Panama, Columbia and possibly return to Argentina.  I have a wedding I can attend in the Bahamas on NYE.  I am still considering it.  I am conflicted since I have been to the Bahamas twice before and how much time will I really have to spend with my friend?  She will be surrounded by family and celebrating her love which is awesome and I am truly happy for her. 
Yet, I want to travel for me.  So, can I make a trip to Columbia stick?  Or should I venture elsewhere?  My friend, Shana, just returned from Spain and Morocco.  I could see myself in either of those places, easily.  So much to consider....
I am off to work.  More reflection, abundance and hope!

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