Monday, August 29, 2016

best moment of my life using only 4 words

I want to contemplate this.  What is the best moment of my life, so far?  I think there are too many to count.  I don't know.  This has stayed with me since I saw it on social media.  I read some of the comments and saw that most people attributed it to the birth of a child.  For me, this isn't applicable.  Definitely it would be food, travel or wine inspired. 
Or perhaps when I realized where home was.  I was sitting in a yoga studio attending a class on visualization.  The instructor talked us through a meditation. He was not the most gifted speaker and I struggled to completely lose myself in the experience.  I remember that vividly.  However, looking back, I experienced that moment of tranquility when I realized that I was the most happy in Denver.  I had drawn my visualization with a table.  On the table was a cake, candles, wine (obviously) and being surrounded by friends.  We were on top of a mountain and the sun was shining bright.  I remember thinking...that is Denver.  Denver is home. 
I took the steps to return home.  It hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows.  But, I have been diligent and determined to create a life here.  It is coming together and I am happy.  Ecstatic.
Another truly inspiring moment in my life--meeting Brian.  Working For Catering Company.  Four words.  Perfect.  And led me to meeting my soul mate.  A partner.  Love.  Yes, that would be the truer moment.  Meeting Brian from randomly working for a catering company.  That company is no longer in existence but created lifetime friendships.  My chiropractor, for example, is a direct result from that company.  Where I dined last night and experienced an amazing meal is a result of working at the catering company.  Brian, though, was the best part of my life.  He brought this part of me out that I had not yet experienced.  The desire to better myself.  To travel, experience life, love.  Yes, working there began that thread which has led me to now.  Returning home and creating a life.
I left to forget some of that grief. It overwhelmed me for awhile.  I am great at distracting myself from things I don't want to confront.  Instead of dealing with it, I run.  Be it travel, work, helping others....I find a way to avoid whatever the loss or grief is. 
Another moment--drinking wine from 1976.  A French burgundy.  I was in Las Vegas celebrating a friends wedding when I went to dinner with friends.  A close friend chose this bottle to celebrate me.  It was his way of celebrating our friendship and in front of other people. The meal that followed was incredible too.  I will forever love Michael mina and his expertise from that meal.
I could go on and on.  I have a lot of moments that have inspired me to stay the course or alter my livelihood.  I guess that is what I will continue to contemplate. 
Today I will be productive and maybe even create another best moment of my life.....

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