Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cleaning to do's for my home (another list to consider)

Maybe an odd one to tackle.  I saw a post on social media about 23 lists you should consider.  Some are exiting and interesting.  Others felt irrelevant.  Odd, even.  Yet, this is how I want to begin 2018. Focusing on making my apartment more of a home.  Or more of a safe place where I will celebrate me and my evolving yoga practice.  Having people over to do a session requires a clean, warm, inviting space.  I have the base structure of a welcoming space--hardwood floors, bay windows and natural light.  I love that aspect of the apartment.  Always have.  I have a few house plants that are thriving.  One was given to me by a friend and the other was left with me from Tiffany.  She and Dan have relocated to Puerto Rico and they wanted to give me their plants.  I have a few additional succulents in my kitchen , too.  Essential oils, a few pieces of artwork and other pieces of furniture that have been given to me.  Slowly it is coming together and I hope to make it more of a welcoming space.
I want to scour my shower and be diligent about it being clean.  If it were my home, I would want it re-grouted.  Actually, when I moved in, they mentioned that they would be re-grouting my shower.  Somehow, a year and a half later, my shower remains the same..  There was the porta potty episode that is comical now.  Regardless, yes, I want to keep my shower clean.  Or, at least, appearing clean.  I can and will make it happen
Hanging new artwork.  Having it framed.
Both things need to be done.  I purchased a Van Gogh print that I love from my trip to Amsterdam in 2003.  The Crows at Auvers is gorgeous.  One of his last works and I love it!  I bought a print and Frida Kahlo framed print last year.  The Frida Kahlo is hung and the crows remains rolled in the corner.
Changing out my photos in my display in my bedroom.  I borrowed a photo display from Jan and Tom when I lived with them in Phoenix.  I have had it since 2011.  I guess it is mine now, lol.  I get tied to certain photos.  I should change it up.  New year.  New memories.
I need a new broom and mop.  Broke the broom last Saturday and the mop has seen better days.  Decluttering.  Always is essential.  I have many, many letters and have some receipts that I have not put away.  I walk into my home and am overwhelmed by my table space filled with stuff--books, letters, to do lists.  I try to organize it when people visit me and then I get lazy and fall into a familiar routine.  I must break that cycle.
I have books that are piling up.  I plan on returning to the library today to return a book.  I try to stay honest with what I check out and when it is due.  Recently, the library offers a service where they automatically renew your checked out book.  It is nice.  Although then I find myself procrastinating finishing certain books since the due date is pushed back.
I stopped by a dollar tree to purchase above mentioned broom.  This location looks like it is downsizing since some of the shelves were not stocked.  I found some odds and ends but no brooms.  Of course, the only reason I went there and they do not have any available.  That will be on my to do list for tomorrow.  My next day off is tomorrow and so I will attend to some things.  I should clean my house before I teach yoga on Saturday.
Grout shower, organize to make a more warm space, organize books and frame some artwork.  Arrange photos and keep plants alive.  To do is complete!

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