Sunday, January 7, 2018

books I want to read

I have 20 books staring at me.
I should stop streaming tv and dive into a book.  My colleague gave me a bunch of books that he wanted to get rid of.  He could have gifted them to the library or one of the free libraries around Denver.  Instead, he gave them to me and advised me that I could gift, donate, read at my leisure.
Some of the books are intriguing and others are more mainstream.  Two I have tried, multiple times, to become immersed in.  There are a few typical books that I push to the side knowing that I am not truly that interested in them.  Some of the authors follow a recipe and have similar books that are quick, easy, nonthinking reads.  I sort of want more.
I found a book while waiting for my teeth to be cleaned about L.A. and the desert.  I put it on hold at the library and waited patiently for it to be returned and ready.  I really liked it. I had spent a little bit of time in Palm Springs and enjoyed the references to desert life and what not.  It connected six random people over a six year period.  I could probably re-read it and get more out of it.  The beginning was a little jumpy and it took awhile to connect all of the story lines.
I have a book about Zelda.  A book of coming of age.  A detective novel, too.
I would like a travel book.  Maybe inspire me to just do it.  More yoga.  Maybe a nonfiction book.  Any suggestions?  I am a huge fan of novels.  Daily, I keep seeing reminders of the importance of making time to read.  To unplug from your phone and losing yourself in a book.  My reiki master asked me if I meditate.  My response, not often.  I suppose I do in yoga on a fairly regular basis.  Still, I put no effort into or intention behind it.  I do it because it is part of the sequence.  I recognize that it is important and maybe I would be able to decompress and disconnect from the nonstop monologue in my mind.  I have work dreams.  Or dreams of family, past friendships, men, Brian.
Always, Brian.
I believe that teaching yoga will push me to do more meditation, too.  I will be forced to incorporate it into my practice since I will be teaching others.  Maybe some guided visualizations would help me release some of the control I feel I need to have.  Or yoga nidra on a regular basis.  I would welcome that, too.  I know of one class on Wednesday mornings that is great.  The guy does an amazing job of guided meditation and I completely release into a deep rest.  I wake up rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed.
Maybe a book on meditation would be essential.
I will make time to read daily.  I like exploring and not being stimulated by streaming tv shows only.  One of the lists was about tv shows I want to watch.  Seems a bit ridiculous to actually make a list of that.  I don't need more emphasis on watching tv, lol.
Heading to yoga soon and maybe a walkabout with my aunt.  She sent me a late text where she got home late and so she might be rescheduling.  I don't know.  I know to not reach out to her and wake her up.  Sleep is always challenging for her and I do not want to disrupt it.
I am off to greet the day.  Happy Sunday!

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