Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kindess always wins

Kindness is always an option.  Instead of being critical or judgmental, be kind.  Especially in the current environment of the world.  Many people are reacting out of fear.  Out of hate.  Out of the unknown with the assumption that it is tied to negativity somehow.  For example, there is a person I encounter on a fairly regular basis who is truly unpleasant.  I recognize that there are many difficult things going on in this person's life and only wish it would not be projected on me and others.  I continue to try to be kind as I do not know any other way to handle or rectify the situation.  Honestly, I will not stoop to a lower level to communicate.  Kindness always trumps negativity, passive aggressiveness, criticism.  And, I finally committed to my resolutions for the year.  I choose to be kind.  To be light.  To be joyful.
I skipped yoga today as I have become stagnant with another instructor that I have enjoyed in Denver.  Brittany has a strong astanga background and incorporates it into her classes.  Normally, her music selection is soulful and I like how she builds her sequence.  I went to consecutive Sunday classes and the last two were disappointing.  I forced myself to stay and had a difficult time managing that.  I need to break up with her flow for another month to feel refreshed, I think.  I have been doing that with my Monday guy, too.  He became too much of the same.  I could teach his class and flow.  It is consistently the same and it makes me crazy.  I need variety.  Or music to distract myself from how bored I am and unable to hit the zen moment, lol.   It is so counterproductive!
I have been shopping around for a new pedicure spot.  I am supposed to meet the Goddess in a few hours to have our toes down.  I did find some trendy places in the Highlands but something is not right.  Either they do not offer massage chairs which is definitely part of the experience or they are not open on Sundays.  Or, they are overpriced. I do not need a spa pedicure that is not about the service or situation.  I am paying for the name of it.  I want an amazing calf massage and a relaxation moment.  I remember years ago booking a combo treatment at a trendy spa. It was mediocre.  The massage was okay.  My facial was subpar and to finish with a lame pedicure really soured the entire experience.  They did give us a glass of wine with the pedicure which was appreciated but did not make up for the fact that it was not a great day of pampering.
I think that is why, typically, I go to places that are not spas for this particular service.  We will see how it goes today. I am still trying to arrange a service at a spot in Cherry Creek.  Downtown has a few options but I am not ready to head downtown today.  I finally accepted spending more money at a place on Broadway.  They serve a glass of wine complimentary, first time clients only, which I can commit to.  Only issue appointments before four o'clock which is problematic.  My feet definitely could use some TLC. It's been over five weeks since my last pedicure and it is showing.  
Afterwards we will go to lunch and catch up on some much needed girl time.  I haven't spent time with Lindsay since mid December. I miss her. I am sure we will discuss an upcoming trip or possible return to running.  I really hope to achieve this. I want to be doing another half marathon.  I need to update my yoga attire!
That and expand my fitness routine.  I finally have some upper body strength and believe it will make me a stronger more able runner.  Yet to be determined.  I think I have mentioned this in the past....when I was training for a marathon I told a customer that I was training after he inquired about my running ability based on appearance.  I told him that I was, in fact, training.  He said that I had the legs for it but should work on my upper body.  I scoffed at him and was irritated by him deducing my ability based on my appearance.   I thought he was a jerk at the time.  He continued to explain the reasoning behind his statement.  He told me that he used to coach runners and that I would improve my running with more definition in my arms, back, upper body.  I see it now or I am trying to.
New day.  New energy.  New opportunity for kindness.  It is a beautiful day.  Cheers!  I arranged my pedicure and cannot wait.  I feel more inspired to share lately.  I think I lost it last year.  It's back and stronger than ever.  Many more reflections to come.

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