Wednesday, January 24, 2018


This week I had the opportunity to see one of my aunts. The last time I saw her, I was fourteen years-old.  It occurred with the assistance of social media stalking by one of my sisters.  Innocently, she reached out to begin a conversation with my aunt who immediately responded with kindness and grace. 
Then, one of my other sisters who is more aggressive initiated more of an interaction.  Instead of the messaging aspect, she called her and opened up the door for all of us.  Jade can definitely be assertive which was perfect in this case.  We didn't need more time to waste.  It's been 20 + years since we have seen her.
Since then, my aunt has seen my mom in Kansas and arranged for them to visit my other sisters in Oregon.  She spent a weekend in Kansas with my mom and little sister.  Becky didn't really have a connection with Jasmin since Jas was so little when we saw her last.  So it was beneficial and a great way to begin 2018.  Focusing on family, reconnecting, remembering.
On her return to Minneapolis this weekend, her connecting flight out of Denver was canceled and she ended up spending the last two nights with me. I feel blessed and intrigued by all of the time that I missed out on.  Thankfully, she likes wine and was open to spending one of the nights with a friend of mine and she joined me at work last night and met some of my customers.  She is engaging, travels a ton and has had a very interesting life.  I learned a fraction of it during our evenings together.  I look forward to learning more about her on future trips.  Or, I might be heading to Minneapolis at some point this year.  I do think that will actually happen.  I have a few friends there and it's been years since my last visit.  At least ten years and it was a winter time visit so most of it was spent indoors.  I have not experienced cold like that in my life, haha.  And, I could probably convince Shari to meet me in the city and maybe see some of her sisters.  Life is grand and it has been an interesting year so far.
I mentioned the women's march and sort of glossed over it.  I mentioned the aura and energy but did not give it full credit.  I encountered men and women walking away from the event with signs, hats, colorful shirts and they were all smiling.  They made eye contact with me when I walked by them.  We smiled.  We nodded.  We recognized the desire for change, for equality, for a new beginning.  It was incredible.  I held that feeling all weekend.  I have hope.  Something I lost in November after the election.  Hope
I did vow to be kind after that and share light.  I think sometimes, like others, I get bogged down in negativity and the fear that bombards us on a daily basis.  I know that it is not a good place to react from.  Still, I have been known to feel it and react.
Seeing my aunt and reconnecting is inspiring me.  I want more of that in my life!

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