Monday, October 29, 2007


I made it safely to Fiji, despite the horrible flight. I had this man in front of me, who pushed the seat back into my knees the entire 10 1/2 hours. I couldn't sleep, couldn't stretch out and so yesterday, I slept at my hotel. It is quite nice and they upgraded me to the right room. I have two double beds, a seperat shower, a tv--yes, I can watch sports center and it is heavenly. Not really, I am enjoying the beauty of the country. Everyone is nice and generous and says--Bula to greet. Oh, on my hideous flight, I watched OCean's 13 like 4 times. I think I could star in it if I had to. I wouldn't want to play a cougar, though.
Thank you to everyone for checking my blog and making sure that I am okay. I am and I look forward to where I go next. I think I planned to stay in Fiji a trifle too long. I suppose that I could dive multiple times.
Jan and Tom--thank you for seeing me off. It was wonderful to spend time with you. Take care all and I will update you later.

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