Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting prepared

One week away and so much to do. I am ready to sit on the beach and sip a pina colada. I always feel like those drinks only when I am in a tropical country. Otherwise, I loathe making them and drinking foo-foo drinks. 12 days and counting...


Robin said...

Harmony-You are off, wow! I applaude your courage, enthusiasm, and love of life. I didnt know you listened to Eva Cassidy, I love her music as well, especially driving down the road, alone, early (the sun just coming up) sipping coffee and listneing to Eva. The good life. I am excited we get to travel with you. We will cheer on the Rockies with you! Enjoy your journey.
Love you

harmony said...

Yes, I love an array of music and her music is very soothing and soulful. Could you send me your current mailing address? I know that I don't have it written down with me. Thank you!