Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grandma Emma's Spaghetti

Michaela and Jade--
do you remember visiting Grandma Emma in the summer and eating fried chicken, meatballs, danish and enjoying them? Well, then you must remember the one time we made a mistake in asking her to make us spaghetti. Keep in mind, she was our great grandmother and so she was a farm girl and skilled at what she knew how to cook. Spaghetti wasn't really in her repetoire. We insisted that she make it for us and so she tried. We got a plate of noodles tossed with tomato soup. I remember trying not to be sick, but she made us eat it. We never ate that shitty meal again.
Well, you didn't have to. I just did. I was so upset about being locked in the room that I forgot to mention my meal tonight. I ordered vegetable lasagna and it tasted like Grandma Emma's spaghetti. I should just get accustomed to eating curry or fish and not try to eat normal food. The tomato soup doesn't do it for me! I still ate it due to hunger and envisioning that it was wonderful.
The Rumble in the Jungle refers to Mohammed Ali and George one at my trivia table believed me. Not many groups got that one right. Until tomorrow...I am hoping to survive the bugs, the locked doors and the fact that I haven't had one glass of red wine since Saturday!

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