Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mango Bay, Fiji

THe first stop of the day was the ocean. It was glorious, clear blue water, warm, sandy beaches and we had a bbq. I ate bratwurst on white bread with butter. I would have loved some mustartd, but it wasn't offered. Next, we went to a traditional village where we watched customs and learned their way of life. Oh, did I mention that I had to buy a sarong to enter the village? We sat in the old Chief's burre and I was animated by three small children. THey were hilarious, but had jacked up teeth and kept biting a photo.
Afterwards, we stopped in a town to use the facilities and then made our way to the sand dunes. Apparently, Fiji is the only country in the Pacific that has sand dunes and so we slid down them at will. When I am able, I will download the photos of me flying down the sand dunes.
Now, after a shower, I am off to a feast with the group of people that I came with--two AUssies, One Irishman, me, and about 9 British--of course, there had to be multiple British. I like the Aussies, they just got married and the Irishmen, James, is traveling to New Zealand like me. I think we might check out some spots together, who knows? He is traveling on holiday and he teaches English in the meantime. Fiji is amazing and I have arranged to go diving on Saturday night on the north coast. I think I will spend 3 days up there and then return to Nadi and island hop, maybe some more diving.
TAke care of yourselves and keep me up to date. I need to find Mexican food, but don't think that I will be able to. I miss chips and salsa. I took some great photos for Kellen's class, too.

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