Thursday, October 25, 2007

Venice Beach

I decided to seach for post cards and am about 10 minutes from Venice Beach. Of course, I was hungry and stopped at this Baja Cantina. Sometimes, it is better to find a better option especially when I found the board walk with all these taco stands, empanadas, smoothies. Anything would have been better than what I ate at that cantina.
Nevertheless, the board walk was fantastic. I saw many people who were shirtless that shouldn't have been. I saw a snake charmer with actual snakes and a little thong on and of course, there is the muscle beach section. Plus, there are people selling their cd's and multiple blown glass shops where you have to be 18 to enter. Most of those were playing Bob Marley as I passed by. I was tempted to check out the bongs/pipes.
I am scouting out a place to eat with Jan and Tom tomorrow. Yes, they are making the drive to LA to see me off--thank god! Although, it is wonderful to not have a set schedule or a definite place that I have to be. I welcome company and appreciate that Jan and Tom are driving from Phoenix to say goodbye. Until later....

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