Monday, October 29, 2007

Two drinks later...

I had a tropical drink since I am now in a tropical country. Of course, you can't pass up the pina colada; however, I opted for a smooth lady. It was nice, hit the spot and I probably won't drink another until I go to Australia.
Fiji is beautiful, truly and the food is great. I have been enjoying the curries and the bread. I haven't had Indian in quite some time and so I am enjoying it.
Shari, for your dinner, I think that you should opt for a nice Australian or New Zealand wine since that is what I will be drinking for the next few weeks. I have always liked Penfold's Koonunga Hill or Craggy Range is a winery that I will be checking out in New Zealand. Jade, next time you e-mail Dave, will you remind him to contact TJ for me? I will be in New Zealand on November 13th. I know that you talk to Dave, my boss, frequently via e-mail. Tell him hello and cheers from me.
Also, I like Black Opal shiraz and there are a number of options available. Tell your sisters hello for me.
I am ready to ditch my backpack which a friend of mine suggested. He told me that he traveled for a few years with a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and one pair of jeans. I am not that simple yet, but soon.
Take care of yourselves and please, somebody update me on my team. For once, the Jayhawks are actually good in football and with basketball around the corner, I need updates. Oh, I follow the Arizona Wildcats in Bball too. Could you have Smitty let me know how our team is? Sorry, Hailey, I like U of A too. My allegiance is to KU, first and foremost, but I do like the Wildcats.
Until later--


Jan and Tom said...

Harmony, glad to here you made it safely even if the flight was grim. Some of the flights will be stories in themselves. New Zealand is a great place, I can't wait to here your take. I had forgotten about the bugs, those tropics are pretty but the photos never show the bugs. Chat at you soon-

Hailey said...

Hey Harm!
I'm so happy that you arrived safe & sound. Consider me your source for the KU updates! I know your heart belongs to the Jayhawks...and I can't blame you for liking U of A (gasp!) as I know how much you love Arizona in general. Keep enjoying those cocktails, food, & life! It's really weird not being in the same country as are missed already!
Love ya!