Friday, September 10, 2010

Las Vegas

I have mixed feelings about Las Vegas.
In many respects, I love it---a foodie's dream, show friendly, cheap flights and you do not need a rental car (ever) unless you get married there. For that, it is convenient to cart items of importance around. I was grateful that my friends, Steve and Pocketsize, had one when we went out to Vegas to attend their celebration. We needed the car to get to and from Mandalay Bay. The champagne brunch, there, is delish! Walking wasn't an option since I was with Jimmy, Dave and Lisa. None of these people are walk friendly and I was not about to take another cab to maneuver the Strip.
However, there are many negatives about Evil City. I read Stephen King's, The Stand, years ago, and will always associate Las Vegas with that reference of Good (Denver) vs. Evil (Vegas) city.
And, there are negatives--excessive behavior displayed in over drinking, substance abuse, gambling, addicts. What is the saying--what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?---Everything associated with a complete breakdown of inhibitions. For some, it is a way to justify behavior. They don't take responsibility for their overuse or acknowledge how gross they are being.
Yes, I have issues with the Sin City.
I love the food factor, though. I have had several amazing meals in that city and been fortunate to experience them there. Where else can you go and find Thomas Keller, Daniel Boloud, Michael Mina, Tom Colicchio or Nobu--to name a few, without the exorbirant flight to New York or San Francisco.
I have spent 3 of the last four christmas's there, too. Yes, I like it.
This year, I am heading to Vegas on December 5th to run the Rock n Roll Marathon. Late in year, flat course, and Bret Michaels....why would I pass up the opportunity to run 26.2 miles there?
Shari agreed to be my spectator support. We haven't booked our hotel, but there is still time. I am so happy to have someone there to dine with post-marathon. Yesterday I mentioned the Marathon to Jan and told her that she should join us.
I did this on a whim because I thought she might. This morning, I received a text with--We are in! I have more friends joining me and I am STOKED. Having encouragement makes a huge difference. I ran the Colfax Relay with Sara Jo earlier in the year. Afterwards, she reveled in her experience. She loved the energy of the event, the spectators out supporting their friends and family, but missed having someone to cheer for her while she ran.
I would agree. Shari, Bryn and LaVay were my fan support during the Denver Marathon and it was awesome to see them on that course. Yes, family/friends make a difference in marathons.
Anyone else that wants to join us--12/05/10, is right around the corner. It will be amazing!
Las Vegas entices and continues to intrigue me. This should be an interesting experiences since it won't all be about the food.....

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