Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Back on-line.
I feel normal....I cannot believe how much time I had to spend, outside, when my laptop was down. Shari called me and told me to take the battery out and let it sit for 30 minutes and then put it back in. She said that maybe my laptop needed to reset itself.
Well, I tried that yesterday. I unplugged, everything, took the battery out and waited. A half hour later I turned it back on.
Nada. Nothing. No signs of life.
I felt that maybe I just needed a new battery and had already called my local computer guy to arrange a time for him to take a looksee at my laptop. He agreed to meet me today at the Bull & Bush.
I headed into work with the lap top and decided to see how it would react there. I conferred with my co-worker about my troubleshooting attempts, plugged it it and voila~~it turned on.
Not only that, but it completely started all the processes. Amazed, I saw that perhaps all it needed was to reset itself.
I am so happy that I do not need to buy a new computer.
So thankful, grateful, fortunate.
And, it feels natural/normal to have it back and on, at home. My on/off switch is jammed and so I continue to fear turning off the laptop. Sleep mode has been my savior until last week. I guess I need to take it in, somewhere, to get the switch unjammed.
Small problem that definitely can be fixed....

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Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how dependent we are on our laptops/computers? I'd be totally lost without mine ... and when mine goes down, I'm lost and frustrated. We recently had a "go-round" with our provider (whom I won't mention). They are a BIG company and were pretty worthless when it came to troubleshooting our problem. Turns out it was a disconnected wire but ... the folks at the help-line didn't want to send anyone out to check things over (seems they get their pay discounted if they can't solve problems over the phone). I was seriously frustrated! We're back to working now! And I'm glad that you are too! Hopefully, we'll both stay that way!

Take Care!