Thursday, September 23, 2010


Healdsburg Half Marathon....Here we come.
Everything is order--lodging, car rental in process, flights accounted for, wineries to visit--we are happy with the exception of concept.
We need something that ties this weekend together.
I love wine....Easy to understand.....Destination Race...easy concept to grasp.
I persuaded three friends to join me since I am persuasive.
Actually, wine country sells itself. All I did was mention the 1/2 marathon and how fun it would be. And, I registered Sara Jo so she couldn't back out. I know...sneaky.
I am a narcisist. I suggested Harmony's Harem since I put it all together. But, then I sound like a pimp which I am not.
I am not creative; nor, have I ever claimed to be. But, tonight, as I considered my life, I realized that the perfect concept would be "Taste Life". I feel that that is what we are doing right now. Tasting life.
The journey that I have been on since 2006 continues to play out. This weekend will be so memorable with wine, food, running, friendship.
How else would you describe a destination race that ties your friends together?
I am fortunate to blessed with many friends. I have matured as a runner with Lindsay's help, watched Sara progress and lent encouragement to Megan. Yes, we are all in this together as mentor, guide, novice.
Taste Life we will....

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