Monday, October 18, 2010

Food choices

This past year, I have eaten KFC, Pizza Hut and IHOP. The latter two were in the same week in fact. Before that, I have no idea that last time I have eaten at any of these restaurants. Yes, I am a food snob. Freely, I can and do admit that. Rarely do I eat fast food. I am healthy in most respects.
There are times, though, when I go along with others. I ate KFC while on a boat in the Bahamas. We had snorkeled and I basted in the sun. I needed substenance and that chicken tasted amazing. I couldn't believe how fantastic it was.
While in the midwest with my little sister and dad, we had pizza hut. I think mostly since it was convenient, simple and a no-brainer. Everyone loves pizza, right?
On Sunday, my aunt and her boyfriend picked me up and drove me to my car. First, we had breakfast at IHOP. I wouldn't have chosen it, ever, but I was with them and again, it was a convenient choice. Since we were in a college town, I knew they had other options, but I didn't stress over it.
We walk in to the crowded restaurant and wait. Our server was overwhelmed with 7 tables. He was moving fast, but I was in need of food. I ordered an omelette and small talked my aunt. The one upside of IHOP's menu was they listed all of the calories in individual dishes. I chose one of the healthier options.
Insanely crowded with impatient people. I watched this one woman approach our mutual server and say that in no way was she happy with his service or the fact that they were still waiting for their food. She was annoying and wrong. The entire restaurant was full and everyone was waiting for their food. It wasn't just their table. When restaurants are full to capacity, the kitchen is overwhelmed and everyone waits for food. A common occurrence that is blamed on the server.
I digress.
Breakfast ended and we drove to the Ranch. As we approached the venue, I was so thankful that I opted to take the bus to SLO instead of driving the previous night. I don't know how others drove down the windy, unlit, road.

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