Thursday, October 21, 2010

what is the adage---if you want something done right, do it yourself?.....

In preparing for my upcoming Healdsburg weekend, I approached the girls' with an idea of having t-shirts made.
I didn't want to wear a costume since I kept envisioning the chafe factor. You know--too tight anything and the 1/2 marathon would be miserable.
We came up with a logo--Taste Life. Well, we borrowed it from the Brian Thompson Foundation. I had talked to Shari about it prior to definitely agreeing to it with the girls. I mean, when you think about, that is precisely what we were doing....tasting life. Running, traveling, drinking wine and creating memories with friends. IT was the way to describe the Healdsburg Half Marathon.
I have a friend that makes t-shirts and he agreed to printing them off for us. He told me that it would take a day.
I believed him.
While I waited for the Goddess to use her contact to make a wine bottle image, I kept my friend in the loop knowing that we had to have the shirts in x-amount of days.
Monday, I called said friend, hoping to connect and get his e-mail information. That way I could e-mail him the images. He did not respond.
I waited. And waited and waited.
I ran into a mutual friend and asked her if she had spoken to him lately. According to her, he had been working, nonstop, since Sunday. Texting would be the way to go since he would respond to a text.
This morning, I reached out to him, via text, and immediately got this response--my life sucks and I cannot deal with this right now.
There is more to that story but I do not need to elaborate on his life.
Bottom line, I should of been researching screen printers on my own. I ended up doing it myself, anyways.
And, he probably wouldn't have been able to get me a deal. I would have paid more going through him since, of course, I would have thanked him, somehow, in a financial fashion.
I am waiting to see the finished product. Happy that it will be soon. Countdown to Healdsburg--9 days.....

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