Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mother May freaking tired.
For real.
20 miles.
People do it often. No, I am not trying to be facetious. There are runners/tri-athletes/athletes. People that enjoy these activities.
To me, 20 miles, is a lot. It hurts to stand up after settling in. Well, let me back track--a little. I ran 20 miles, yesterday.
I was hydrated. I came home with a cup of coffee and made a peanut butter and cheddar cheese english muffin. I napped.
I showed up, at work, at 3:45. Yes, I work weekends. No option in this.
Instead of sleeping, post-run, I worked. As much as coaches/trainers want to stress---it is only about the time on your feet, to me, it is a bunch of b.s. There is no down time on the weekends for me.
I run. I work. I sleep (limited amounts of recovery time). I work.
Eventually, I run, again.
Yes, there is no option for me. Running on the weekends translates to the working tired.
20 miles is nothing to a serious runner.
Twenty miles, to me, means being tired post-run and probably day after.
Stiff. Sore. In need of a salt bath. Yep, that is me.
This evening, I bathed and prepared to meet Steve and Sarah. Elway's always works. Sous chef, Cory, was in the house, and we tried the most amazing spawning shrimp with collard greens and grits. OMG---food food............................

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