Saturday, October 23, 2010

Twenty Miles

On deck....20 miles for Saturday's run.
I was up for it and had arranged a person to run with that runs with my group. Since most people in my running group ran the Denver 1/2 or Denver full, last weekend, I knew that I would have slim pickings on people that were actually running more than 8 miles.
Recovery runs or upcoming marathon next weekend, kept people in check. The only insane others were running NYC, North Carolina or Las Vegas that I found. I had to run the dreaded 20. I couldn't see it any other way. MUST RUN 20....
And, like I mentioned, I had someone to suffer through it with. I ran with the Barefoot Runner and again, had a profound conversation. He is refreshing since his perspective is positive and interesting. We talked politics, the penal system, education, family, upcoming travel, food, running. We talked about running, a lot, since, we both are trying to work through our own individual issues. He is competitive with his running. He has attended conferences regarding health benefits, the physicality/form of running, yoga and how yoga helps the running form and the spiritual angle of running.
He told me that story of a man that ran 75 consecutive marathons and how it wasn't about the spiritual sense you get, or a cause you run for, it was this man's determination to do it. For no other reason than to run from St. Paul to Atlanta. He wasn't a physically fit man or a healthy eater. But, he ran from St. Paul to Atlanta in 75 days.
I was semi-disappointed with our route, today, since it was a loop course. 8 miles to be exact.
As such, I would have to run two loops plus an additional two miles to equal twenty. Loops do not work for me. If I run near my car, I want to stop at my car and drive away. Tempted by the goodness of coffee that I visualize about during the run.
Yes, loops are not a good idea for my training plan.
Grady agreed. We did one full loop and I dropped my jacket off at my car. Very tempted to drive away but held firm to my resolve.
We started loop #2 and planned a way to not have to complete the second full loop. Mostly, because we knew that if we ran by my car, again, I would drive away.
We planned an out and back at mile 6 of the loop.
Up to this point, I felt great. Our pace was strong. I was hydrated. I knew there was only the return four miles. I crashed. Those last miles absolutely sucked! They took forever.
I know it was mental, for me, and I know that Grady was being kind to repace to stay running with me. He reminded me of the story of the determined runner to keep me going.
Wouldn't you agree that it's true? When you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. It is all possible.
Last weekend, I flew to Santa Barbara to attend my cousin's wedding. I wanted to go. Who wouldn't? It's wine country and I knew that I was able to go and should since no other immediate family would attend. My cousins are older and most of them have children. Heck, even my sisters bailed on the idea. Super lame.
It was too expensive. The economy is bad...blah, blah, blah......Still, I went because I wanted to and it was awesome. Maybe not the whole attending a wedding, solo part, but wine country rules. I wore a green dress and really had a blast.
Yes, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Twenty miles conquered. In two weeks, I get to revisit another 20 mile course. Lovely......

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