Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paso Robles

Northward bound.
35 miles.
That was it. But, still, it took me awhile.
I exited and headed into the wine country of the central coast. I wanted to stop by Justin. I am a fan of Isoscyles.
I mentioned it to my boss since I knew that Justin Winery was in the area. He told me that it was overrated.
Still, I wanted to go to Justin.
Overrated or not, I was familiar with their wine.
Heading west on the 46, I passed numerous wineries. No mention of Justin Winery and since I had not written down their number, nor had directions to their winery, I was at a loss. Committed to driving, aimlessly, around the central coast wine region.
I passed 4 Wines and felt something. I felt that was the place to purchase wine. Yet, I continued on 46 to Justin. I continued, and continued and kept going until I reached the Hwy 1. I saw signs for Harmony, CA, and knew that I needed to turn around.
Of course, I am narcisstic. Yes, I could buy my cousin and his wife a bottle of Harmony wine and feel okay with it.
Or, I could turn around and find a bottle of wine at 4 Vines and know that this was the one.
So, I did.
I turned around and went to 4 Vines. AMAZING.
I did the wine tasting and was happy. I bought Jason and Lynsey a bottle of Heretic and for myself, opted, for a bottle of Monarchy--a blend of Petit Verdot and Malbec--awesome. I love 4 Vines.
I am so ready for the girls' trip out to Napa. Cannot wait!
In Paso, as I drove around, aimlessly, I kept thinking about my life in Denver. I love Denver. Truly, I do.
But, wine country....how amazing would it be to live there?
Paso Robles was awesome.
I returned to Santa Barbara and had a lovely meal in my hotel room. As much as I wanted to enjoy a meal in SB, I was exhausted. I needed to sleep. I was lame.
Paso was amazing. I regret not spending my additional day in Cali there.
Another time................................

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