Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Grilling went well. Too well, almost. Absolutely love grilled asparagus, pineapple and shrimp. My friends bought a lot of shrimp. Some of which was deveined and others, well, we had to devein it. Yuck! Thankfully, Jan liked to strip the vein out more than I did.
I think Tom went overconsumption since he invited one of his friends over for dinner. It worked out, better, too. We needed the additional shrimp. I prepped the skewers and blackened the rest of the shrimp. I figured, why not? Blackened shrimp is lovely.
I opened some wine after a margarita at one of my favorite restaurants. They put a limit on the chambord margaritas available on a visit to their restaurant. Three is the limit. Had we not had grill plans, I think I could have been convinced to eat the guacamole and dip trio. Yay, for queso!
Yet, we had Sunday night plans and so I limited my consumption of the chambord delight.
Prepped the shrimp, vegetables and listened to music. Perfect way to enjoy a meal. Another example of a ideal homecooked meal.
Since then, I have been thinking about running and future trips. No progress on either front. Running returned to the wayside and traveling, well, a little uncertain of the next venture. Although, I do have a few upcoming visitors that are interested in exploring the southwest. Maybe a trip to Cali is in the future.
On the running front, I have signed up for two more 1/2 Marathons in the fall. Stoked to be returning to Las Vegas for a 1/2 this time and that I convinced several others that they, too, should sign up for this event. Shari, my friend, Jenn from middle school and another college friend, also named Jen. Maybe this is the trip of Jen's and not Sara's as my 30th birthday displayed. Michaela and I with three Sara's en tow. Awesome adventure, that time, and I believe, this 1/2 Marathon trip will be just as fun. It is Vegas and who doesn't enjoy a mini trip there?
Also, today, I discovered that a friend of mine from grade school lived 20 minutes from me. I cannot wait to meet Josh for a glass of wine. While in college, he was friends with one of my neighbors. Several times, we would make dinner, cocktail and finish with a cordial. Those were the days of decandence and excess. Then, we sort of lost touch. However, with the help of a certain social network, we have reconnected. Josh has always been a good friend and I am grateful to have this opportunity to meet again. I am sure that the lunch will be full of entertaining catch up type of stories.
Today was more productive than yesterday. I retrieved my bike and actually rode it home. In a way, I felt like a kid, again, enjoying the last moments of summer before school started. What a feeling! I am envious of my niece and nephew who will, soon, begin school in Oregon.
Life is grand...enjoy your night!

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