Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today started off in a wonderful way. I woke up and was cold, still. Slept with the windows open and enjoyed a leisurely morning. I made plans to do laundry, watch the finale of Entourage and visit my favorite Akita's, Dozer and Jax.
So far, so good. Enjoyed the finale and was able to thoroughly clean out coffee mug. I have been more green in terms of carrying my own carry out mug but not so great about cleaning it. I drove through a drive thru today and was embaressed by the condition of my green travel mug. It was stained with the remnants of coffee. Unpleasant smelling to say the least.
I stop by the local farmer's market to purchase greens, salsa, and a few other necessary items. I really love being able to shop at a local market. I pull into my alley to discover somebody parked in my parking space. It is a repeat offender, as last Friday, I noticed the same car in my spot. I had asked my neighbors who share the car port with me if they knew whose car it was, then, too. Today, I received the same response--no, we don't know the car. I tell them that I am going to tow it. I mean, this is ridiculous. There is a sign saying--tenant parking only and so obviously, this spot is not available to random people.
I put a note on the windshield and walk over to the church on the corner. I consider walking in to see if any of them had mistakenly parked in my spot when I notice they have a considerable parking lot and wouldn't need to park off site. As I am walking back to my house, I see a car pull up and hesitate. I cross the street and approach this kid. I said--is this your car?
Well, you are parked in a spot that doesn't belong to you. He goes, I'm sorry.
He walked straight to his car and didn't look up. I continued with--if you do it again, I will have it towed.
He got in his car, backed up and took off.
I think I am most annoyed with his entitlement. Yes, I know that parking is scarce around here due, in large, to the fact that it is by a university. Choosing to drive around campus limits parking options. It was the same way at KU. So, I took the bus or walked to campus. Not once did I illegally take someone else's spot. And, he wasn't sorry. Only, that he got caught.
What he doesn't know is that I took his license plate down and will absolutely have his car towed if he parks in my spot again. You just don't do that. I chose this rental for that purpose--it came with a designated covered parking spot. I shouldn't have to fight to use it.
I arranged to go running later to let off some more steam. Yes, I am that annoyed....

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