Monday, September 12, 2011

Well preserved

Yesterday, I met an old friend for lunch. I noticed on facebook that we were in the same area and so I approached him about a reconnect type of wine lunch. Josh and I attended grade school together. I believe he transfered to my grade school in 4th grade. We attended the same junior high and graduated from high school. In college, he had a friend that lived in my building and we had a few dinners together. That, too, was a random reconnect. Pre-facebook, internet craze, social media. I really do not even remember how that happened outside of running into him in the building somewhere.
I have always enjoyed his company is what I am saying. When I noticed that we would have the opportunity to catch up, I took it. I texted him to let him know that I had arrived and found a seat at the bar. He responded that, he, too, had just arrived and would see me shortly. A few seconds later, he retexted--uh oh?
At which point, I said--what? And, I knew, what had happened. He went to the other location. He called me to say that he would be there within ten minutes and I perused the wine list. I chose a lovely merlot/cab franc blend. Earthy, funky, and perfect for me.
Josh arrived and we caught each other, respectively, up on what had been going on the last few years. He had lived in Nebraska, Texas and most recently, California. He told me about his sister, mom, other family. He asked about Roxy (my mom). Funny to hear someone refer to her that way. He said--well, I have always remembered her name. We discussed similart interests, hopes, dreams and of course, gossipped about others from our class. This is a natural occurrence I would like to think. I discovered that he enjoys hiking and look forward to checking out hikes in the area. Also, he loves food and so I will have another person to check out restaurants with. At least for the next six months. He will be relocating to Seattle then--I think.
Eventually, he says, I don't know how to say this without it sounding bad, but, you are really well-preserved. Do you know what I mean?
I point to my glass of wine and say, yes, I drink a ton of wine and water. I have a healthy lifestyle, I think, for the most part.
It is funny. Makes me think I belong in a petri dish or science project. The definition of the word is what makes it sound so clinical.
Today, I walked to continue my healthy lifestyle and I suppose, the continued state of well-preservation. Too funny.
Now, I can honestly say that I have been described as well preserved. That is a new one, for me.

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