Friday, September 23, 2011

I flew home to see the family. I drove to KC and made peace with where I was at. Translation, I took over the sustenance factor. I considered what my contribution would be. I am good with the food factor, clean factor and griefing process. Yes, this is where I excel.
So, I arrive and follow Jasmin to the hospital. We arrive and mentally, I think, of how I can make things easier. I fall back on what I know. Still, we need to stock up on supplies and so my sisters make me go to wally world--yuck! We peruse food and beverages. Jade picks up the tab and I tell her that I will make sure that everything is flush. I don't want to put her out. We return to my dad's house and make dinner. Actually, prior to that, while parked in wally world, Jade leaves the rental car and sees a used diaper. Left in the parking lot. Yuck! Seriously...who does that? It was disgusting.
The next day while parked at a grocery store, I notice a woman in the car parked next to us. I wonder how Jade doesn't see it but whatever. I point it out and see a baby kitty in the back seat. I realize that the woman is homeless living in the car.
Weird. Thursday, we stop at Kohl's and all i can think is.....where is the used diaper, homeless person, or dirty couple? I mean, really, what else did we need to see while touring the midwest? That parking lot was clean, ironically. It ended well.
In hindsight, I wish we would have had another story to tell. At least it would have made my dad laugh. In addition, the entire well-preserved comment lingered the entire week. Too funny! I am glad to have been able to provide humor to the last week. We all needed it....

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