Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Memory

This is me and Sara Jo. A year ago, tomorrow, we planned a venture to Coors Field. First, though, we stopped by our favorite tap house and ended up enjoying our time there way too much. I think we arrived at the ball game in the bottom of the 4th. Begrudgingly, I will admit. I would have preferred remaining where we were.

Still, I had taken seats from the company. We had to go since they were located next to some of my co-workers. Since I was elated at spending time with Sara, we snuck off an inning later. I was hungry and we were enjoying ourselves. I didn't feel like watching the ball game or heading to another bar with either of them. Not that it wouldn't have been would have. They are both fun people. That night, though, I wanted to hang out with Sara.

I texted another foodie friend and discovered that he was at a new local eatery. This photo was taken there. Good times, great night, enjoyable wine/conversation.

I know that I have been blessed. I have fantastic people in my life and am surrounded by endless possibilities to improve my surroundings. Yes, life is truly grand.

Lately, it seems I am reflective and I want to share some of the insights. Probably just for me but, it is necesary. I am fortunate.

Enjoy your night as I am enjoying mine. Thankful for friends, for wine, and of course, photos~

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