Sunday, September 4, 2011

dining in Sedona

Last Sunday, I celebrated

the 28th of August by exploring Sedona. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I encountered a tarantula, went wine tasting in Cornville, lounged by the pool and had a lovely meal at a resort. We sat, creekside. Stunning spot to enjoy a spectacular meal. Initially, we drank a cocktail while I perused the wine list. We discussed our options--foodwise and I chose a wine. I settled on an Aglianico. Lately, I have been appreciating Italian wines with food. It complimented the meal nicely.

Plus, the wine list was overwhelming. So many choices and it covered most of the world regions. Of course, being that we were in a resort, it fared to the more spendy side. Not that I don't appreciate a fine bottle of wine, I just don't want to pay $200 for a bottle.

So, after I knew what wine I wanted, we moved on to the entree choices. I like trying as many items as possible. Immediately, the heirloom tomato and melon salad stood out. I knew that it would be delightful. I like scallops and since I knew that Jonny was uninterested in fish as an entree, I thought this would be the best way to get my fish fix. The scallops were okay. Honestly, I have had better. I was a little disappointed.

After the scallops, the next course was duck with cherries and confit. I considered the venison. I think it had huckleberries. However, in the spirit of the day and what it signified to me, I knew the confit was the way to go. Brian would have definitely approved.

Delicious, too. The server suggested trying the succotash with the duck. The duck was dropped at the table, but no succotash. I mentioned to the server when she came by to inquire our thoughts on the duck. Her response--oh, I forgot to order it. One second, I will be back.

When she returns, though, she tells us that the succotash is no longer available. She suggests the asparagus or fingerling potatoes. I had already had some asparagus with the duck and so I said, we would try the potatoes.

In hindsight, we should have skipped the starch. Completely flavorless and lackluster. Onward to dessert, a cheese course. I love cheese for dessert. Plus, they didn't offer any carrot cake or enticing chocolate volcano, so, dessert was my choice.

This is my sixth celebration of August 28th. I didn't have any expectation of how it would go outside of that I would find spectacular food and wine. I did and we toasted Brian. The following day, I walked the labyrinth which I had no idea was at the bed and breakfast until we checked in. Perfect way to complete the celebration. A moment to step back, breathe, celebrate and remember. Yes, this year was a successful celebration, too.

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