Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day off.  Loved it.  Had no expectations of how to spend it.  Found myself dining at a local homemade tortilla spot, followed by a solo hike, wine for happy hour, frequented a job and made dinner.  Lunch was excellent. Met Jan for quick bite to eat. 
Afterwards, headed to Squaw Peak and hiked.  Beautiful day.  Way up was peppered with other hikers ascedning/descending.  I stopped, numerous times, for the people descending.  I let them pass, said, excuse me and continued with my day.  Funny, how, when I was descending, I encountered a bunch of idiots that were apparently foreign to etiquette.  Plus, on the way down, I found myself surrounded by people that were uncomfortable hiking.  Heavy feet.  I stopped several times to let this one couple pass.  We played tag a few times and eventually, I gave up and took off.  I tired of (quickly) of how this chick treaded. 
I called Jan and inquired about meeting for happy hour.  Unfortunately, she was on the the other side of the valley. I opted to check out a place that I like to frequent.  I drove up and the valet goes--oh, it's been what, two weeks since I have last seen you?
I noted that I missed him last week, tossed him my keys and walked inside.  He told me he would bring my keys inside in a few minutes.  I sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of wine.  The initial bartender was fine.  Attentive, friendly and efficient.  I watched him while writing my idea of a christmas card.  At four, they change servers.  Staff meeting (briefly) and then the transition from day to night.  I knew one of the night bartenders and felt confident in his ability to make me feel at ease.
I finished my glass of wine and grabbed my purse.  I did leave some writing material to indicate that I would be returning.  I waited in line for the bathroom.  I returned with the intention that I would pay my tab, finish some water and leave.
I didn't factor in that the bartender would push my stuff down to accomodate new guests.  Not a huge deal had he asked or had it only been a glass of water.  Not to mention before I left for the restrooms, I had mentioned that I needed to pay.  The female bartender did nothing to accomodate me paying the bill.
So, I was annoyed when I returned and had been shifted.  The male bartender offered me another glass of wine and I declined, offering to pay.
But, of course....wink.  wink.
I wait.  I wait.  I wait.
Throw some cash on the bar and head out.  I was tired of waiting, annoyed from the moving over maneuver and the valet's comment about me frequenting the establishment.  I walk to my car and find it unlocked.
Cherry on the annoyance factor especially after tipping the valet for his jackass comment about me going there.  I call Jan and tell her that if I mention that place to punch me in the neck.  Seriously.  Obviously, they don't need the business. 
I head into my other job and see my boss.  Immediately, she is apologetic about how things looks when I walked into work on Monday.  As I was boozy, I say, yes, I was annoyed to find it like that........too much honesty is never a problem for me.
Regardless, safe, at home, with wine and a clean bed to sleep in.  Cannot wait.  Hope you enjoy your night, too~

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