Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday offers

Happy Tuesday!  Beautiful day for a run, wine tasting and dinner with friends.  I am excited about all of these activities today and must not get too focused on the wine aspect.  It is easy to do especially as I will be sampling wines that I love.  Remember my Rapture fixation?  I will tasting some wines from that profolio and yes, I am excited. 
I am meeting Jan and Tom for dinner, too.  We will meet at a local spot that they enjoy and as much as I like the spot, the only drawback, is that we always eat the same things.  I have learned, from experience, that they are creatures of habit.  They like to eat what they know they enjoy.  I understand that but am more adventurous in my dining.  Tonight, we will have a spinach salad and pepperoni pizza with olive oil for the crust.  Delicious but wish it were a little more inspired.
I am over half way done with the christmas cards and feel that I will finish that task today.  I keep putting it off and then realize that xmas is now five days away.  Must complete the cards. 
I did manage to sign up for the Phoenix 1/2 marathon in January.  Originally, I was on the fence.  My training is definitely not where it was a year ago.  2011 has been social running for me and I have truly enjoyed that experience and hope to kick it up a notch in 2012.  I asked the Goddess if she wanted to join me for the race but her sister is due with her first child early in January.  I do understand Lindsay's hesitation to travel down here.  I think this race will be a solo effort.  I decided to sign up for it after being offered a discount from the rock and roll series.  As previously noted, the Las Vegas event was a cluster/nightmare for many runners.  I didn't hate it but I would definitely reconsider signing up for that race in 2012.  The lack of water at aid stations, porta potties, spectator support and the hostility of running with both walkers and full marathon participants left a bitter taste in my mouth.  That race was not well executed by any means.  I did e-mail the organizers my displeasure and they responded.  I appreciated that, too.  I don't know if they will take my thoughts seriously, but, I felt, they needed to hear some constructive criticism and make adjustments to their event for 2012. 
I feel better after signing up for the Phoenix Race, too.  It is in my neighborhood and a fantastic way to start the year.  I believe I will convince my friends to run a wine race and in addition, there will be a few more half marathons to add to the mix.  I hope to do another full, too.  I have no idea which one it will be, though.  I have time to decide and think it will be a fall race.  I tend to like to put the full's off until later in the year.
I am off to run or I will procrastinate that activity til tomorrow.  Wine follows and eventually, there will be pizza in my future.  A few of my friends are celebrating birthdays today and I will toast them in spirit.  Celebrate today!

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