Thursday, December 29, 2011

how the venture concluded...

Final day in San Deigo.  I woke up, early, as I do, and headed out to the nearest Starbuck's.  I mentioned it to Tom since I would purchase him a coffee if he was interested.  He wasn't.  He seemed content on the couch with his dog.
I walked down Garnett and felt liberated.  Beautiful day, sunshine blazing and inspiring.  I knew that I had a drive ahead of me but wasn't quite ready to leave.  Instead, I loitered in Pacific Beach for a bit, before, returning to Tom's apartment and making him get up.  I wanted to check out either another fish taco or find chowder.  I was in San Diego, right?
I forgot to mention that we did check out a fish taco on Monday.  Mediocre, at best and Tom knew it.  I think he had eaten at the establishment, before, but never eaten a fish taco.  I am certain that there are ample taco stands that would have sated my desires. 
Anyways, he got up and we found a place in Pacific Beach so that I could eat a fish taco and try some chowder.  Perfection.  I ate most of it but knew that we were having lunch with his aunt in a couple of hours.  I couldn't resist attending this luncheon as I have heard numerous stories of this aunt.  And, Jean called Tom and said--yes, take Harmony, that way she's know what I have been talking about for years.
So, I picked up my bag and followed Tom to Point Loma.  Lunch with his aunt was interesting.  When we walked up, she was curious as to who I was, and when Tom introduced me, he said, this is mom's friend, Harmony.
Linda goes--your mom or my mom's friend?
What?  Really.  I look like I was a friend of your 80+ year old mother.  Kinda odd comment to make or so I thought.  We dined in a place that reminded me of Fifi's--my first true restaurant job.  Had a similar vibe and I remarked about it Tom.   His mom would meet me there, sometimes, for calamari, but I think Tom was too young to fully appreciate the place. 
Regardless, he had a veal sandwich and I opted for a wicked caesar salad.  Wicked in that it was supposedly spicy.  Just extra garlic.  Not too bad, but not that inspired.  We talked with his aunt and I kept thinking--I really do need to get on the road.  I have 5+ hours to look forward too. 
The drive back to Arizona was really not that bad.  I stopped in Alpine for coffee and began my return venture.  I would like to return to California to check out Temecula, see the zoo, botannic gardens and find the ultimate fish taco.  Really, I think that is important.  I feel slighted about not finding a baja style taco.  In reflection, the drive is not that far and I see a return in the near future.  I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to check out San Diego.  The appeal of Temecula begs for a quick return trip to check it out.

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