Saturday, December 31, 2011

upcoming trips that I desire

Last night, I drank a little bit of wine ( a wee bit) to toast a friend that died.  Still sad by the news and wish that I would be able to attend the service.  Unfortunately, it's tomorrow and I am working.  So, I made my own way of saying goodbye.
I was on line and found myself taking a travel quiz.  I have been many places but did not test well.  Of the 100 places, I have been to twenty-eight.  Fail.  Sort of surprised me but inspired me to begin thinking of potential trips in 2012.  Just now I looked into flights to Denver in early February.  Cheap.  Really cheap and I think I might try to do it.  I could move things around and head home for a brief stint.  Or, I could return to California to check out Temecula or Napa.  Napa always invites me back.  I have a friend that is a winemaker and I would love to check out his wine.  I met him the first time I visited Napa and we have remained friends and in touch (sporadically) since 2006. 
I want my dad to visit before it gets unpleasant here.  I envision a few spring training games and we could always watch basketball--one of our favorite pasttimes.  College basketball to be clear.  I do enjoy the NBA playoffs but that is about it when it comes to the NBA.  College basketball is a season for me.  Plus, I believe my dad would enjoy the hiking trails and Sedona.  He spent some time there a few years back with his wife.  Like I noted yesterday, Sedona is super close to me and I should make more of an effort to explore the region. 
I did talk to my dad about visiting me in the spring.  He seems interested and we will discuss it more after he returns from his vacation in Oregon.  He spent the holidays with my sisters and niece and nephews.  According to Michaela it has been a lovely trip.  My dad is relaxed and enjoying himself.
Outside of my dad's visit, Jean and I are heading to Mexico in a few weeks after i complete my first half marathon of 2012.  When I signed up, I swear, I had five weeks to train.  Now, I look and it's in two weeks.  I need to learn to continue to train so that the 13.1 miles doesn't hurt me. 
There are half marathons to sign up for, wine ventures, classes and yoga.  I must return to yoga.  There must be a studio, nearby, where I will become a frequent visitor.  When I was in San Diego the other day, I walked right by a core power studio.  Unbelievable that Tom lived three blocks from a studio that I recognized.  I considered looking at their schedule of classes and dropping into a class.  Maybe next time, I will. 
I love this time of year as I can hope for what the new year will bring.  Joy, possibility and of course travel/wine/food.  Happy New Years~
Celebrate and taste life, always...

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